Business Tips: 10 Habits Holding You Back from Success | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 10 Habits Holding You Back from Success | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 10 Habits Holding You Back from Success | Brian Tracy

People think success is external. They assume people who are successful worked hard to make more money—but that’s only half of the story. But the other half is that successful people aren’t just putting in long hours at the office.

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34 Replies to “Business Tips: 10 Habits Holding You Back from Success | Brian Tracy”

  1. #1 Empty promises —> 100% commitment
    #2 Blame others —> I am responsible
    #3 Waiting for perfect timing —> Make a decision
    #4 Talking about goals but not setting and planning them —> Take action and take action now(Brian Tracy)
    #5 Procrastinating —>Link Pain and Pleasure (Tony Robbins)
    #6 Doubting yourself —> Fight fear with a plan (Terri Savelle Foy)
    #7 Comparing yourself with others —> Be a better version of yourself
    #8 Not taking care of yourself —> Take care of yourself first
    #9 Giving up easily and not persisting —> Consistency is the key to success
    #10 No continuous learning —>Stay foolish, stay hungry (Steve Jobs)

  2. I think that consistence in little habbit is the secret. I want to speak english and understood importance to practice listen, read, speak every day. I have advance more daily.

  3. 1. Making empty promises.
    2. Blaming others
    3. Waiting for the perfect time
    4. Talking about goals but not setting them.
    5. Procrastinating
    6. Doubting yourself
    7. Comparing yourself to others
    8. Not taking care of yourself.
    9. Giving up instead of persisting
    10. Forgetting the importance of continuous learning

  4. #1 Empty promises
    #2 Blame others
    #3 Waiting for perfect timing
    #4 Talking about goals but not setting and planning them
    #5 Procrastinating
    #6 Doubting yourself
    #7 Comparing yourself with others
    #8 Not taking care of yourself
    #9 Giving up easily and not persisting
    #10 No continuous learning

  5. Good morning friends how are you now ? You are so slow doing your activities no speed in your work .no stuff in the work you are slow and study wins the race following you take morthan two years but remain countries no need more time to change them.yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  6. Summary
    1. Avoid making empty promises.
    2. Don't blaim others.
    3. Don't wait for the perfect time.
    4. Not setting your goals.
    5. Don't procrastinate.
    6. Deal with doubt and believe in you.
    7. Don't compare yourself to others.
    8. Take care of yourself and your body.
    9. Persist and don't give up.
    10. Don't forget to learn continuously.

  7. One of the biggest things that was believing I was a failure. I have overcome most if not all of that corrupted and false mindset and now am working as hard as I can to get all of the tools in place so I can rise to the level I know I can, and maybe even beyond.

    Over the past two years I have made so many changes and overcome so many self imposed obstacles, I am not sure where my weaknesses are at any more. With that in mind, I think my next step would be a bit of self reflection to redetermine where I am at, and possibly refocus my efforts.

    I know I am happy with my current efforts and will not likely change them as I know I want a degree, and am finally on my way to getting one. Two of my first three attempts at getting a degree ended with something life threatening, and one ended in the middle of the 2008 recession with 6 months of unemployment. Nothing is stopping me this time.