Business Tips: [3 Holiday Hacks] to Stop Overspending | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: [3 Holiday Hacks] to Stop Overspending | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: [3 Holiday Hacks] to Stop Overspending | Brian Tracy

Money is hard to earn and easy to lose. It’s easy to spend more than you anticipated without a clear-cut plan of action, especially during the holidays. Don’t spend outside of your limits. Here are 3 hacks you can do to avoid overspending and still have a great holiday season.

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36 Replies to “Business Tips: [3 Holiday Hacks] to Stop Overspending | Brian Tracy”

  1. i love your voice.
    but it is not true that it is the thought that counts. In reality, the price of the gift one receives reflect the importance of the person in the giver's opinion e.g favourite child, boss or just the office boy etc Any comments?

  2. Brian, can you make a video on how to save money specifically? I will try to explain the issue using my own example. With every income, I dutifully save 10% in my bank account. But there are situations when I need to spend money, and it is most convenient to take it from this savings account. I call it "borrow money from myself." But this story always ends with the fact that I again have 0 bank account, and again I start saving money. Perhaps there is some direct application to the accumulated money or a rule, for example, "all the money that has accumulated – you can’t spend ever!" or something like that?

  3. To not to overspend on holidays, try to do all the bookings yourself. It saves you a lot of money..:)

  4. Hi Mr Tracy! I will-Take care of my expenses and set a budget for gifts, food and decor…I will not feel like my gifts have to be rediculously expensive to be great gifts. Lots of love!

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for your sincere advice, it is genuinely helpful for everyone.

    To my surprise, I sat for myself the same three rules for managing my monthly income, and I felt encouraged when I saw your video giving the same rules.

    You mean so much to me and many other people, keep up the good work and we wish you a blissful life.

  6. #QnA Why Brian Tracy ,who is very nice sell guy has low subscriber started in 2007 as compare to Dan lok ,who is actually a scammer started channel in 2014 ???
    Why is it

  7. I love this man. ♥️ I wish I could hug him once. I wish you all the health and happiness in life mr. Tracy. You deserve everything in this life. ♥️

  8. How to Not Overspend During the Holidays?
    1. Set an overall budget.
    2. Set budgets for each individual person on your list.
    3. Keep track of your spending.

  9. Thank you Brian! Answering your question: My plan to not overspend, It is saving money eating less in restaurants. Also go to the market already eaten hahahaha.
    Happy Holidays Brian!