Business Tips: 3 Myths to Happiness | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 3 Myths to Happiness | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 3 Myths to Happiness | Brian Tracy

Just as the natural physical state is health and vitality, the natural emotional state is peace and happiness. Your feeling of inner happiness is there to tell you what you should be doing more or less of. Let’s talk about the three major myths about happiness that each of us has to some degree.

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20 Replies to “Business Tips: 3 Myths to Happiness | Brian Tracy”

  1. The true Way to Happiness, TRY IT!
    Holy Quran : Chapter 13: Verse 28
    "Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured."

    The only way to happiness is Islam, Islam is doing exactly what our creator says. Read it, Study Islam and get your happiness.

    Read Quran ALLAH your creator is talking with you

    Follow Islam because no salvation without Islam

  2. Brian Tracy sounds like needed own advice. His voice now sounds like in a senior home. SAD. Followed since late 80s. An aging voice is telling of something wrong inside someone. Brian Tracy has given many years of superficial "advice" reverberated same message in other programs to make a buck.

  3. "Fake it till you make it" isn't the way to happiness. — and Brian Tracy advocated that advice in videos. Take anything Tracy says with a grain of salt. Gives poorly thought out ideas that actually do harm. .

  4. Myth #1 was I thought that being happy may or may not always be the case from some people; not everyone is happy as an objective and but the happiness of others is not dependent upon your happiness for yourself. To make others happy is to leave a impression of an increase for others.

    I honestly think when you take and make your own "smorgeous borg" or your own dish of happiness in your life. You can create happiness for others as well:)

  5. Yo this guy has so many books and they all look great. Which one do you guys recommend I read first?

  6. I become happy when I dont procrastinate and single handedly complete my most important task. As Brian Tracy says that task completion is the key to all success and productivity.

  7. You are my inspiration, you literally changed the way I was planning my life after reading your book I am more organized now

  8. The myth I believed for a long time was #3, that my path to happiness should look like everyone else's. What a waste of precious time, feeling bad about myself and wondering why I couldn't "get it right" like other people do. It wasn't until around 40 that I started seeing that trying to do what worked for others didn't fit my personality or talents or outlook on life. It was very freeing to abandon that line of thinking. That alone made me feel happier!

  9. Well said. Greatest Myth – It's not legitimate to put your happiness ahead of others. You cannot give happiness to anybody if you don't have it. Have your own definition of happiness! Be happy and be happy now