Business Tips: 3 Reasons Hard Work Does Not Always Lead to Success | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 3 Reasons Hard Work Does Not Always Lead to Success | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 3 Reasons Hard Work Does Not Always Lead to Success | Brian Tracy

It can be hard to accept sometimes that just working hard is not enough. Success comes to those working hard on the right things, in the right order, on a specific goal. If you’re looking to achieve your goals and create a plan for success to get you there, watch this video and follow these tips now.

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1:33- Explicitly determine what you are trying to achieve
3:01- Have the best plan in place
3:26- Periodically check progress and improve your methods
4:10- Be willing to test out different approaches to success
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45 Replies to “Business Tips: 3 Reasons Hard Work Does Not Always Lead to Success | Brian Tracy”

  1. I love your audio books, the ones with your voice, I am retired, my husband still working, every morning I get my coffee and start listening to your book NO EXCUSES, I love how you link accomplishing tasks to self esteem, enough to say I start my day with you, to get me going..God bless you have blessed us all ..

  2. Thanks for this amazing video Sir.
    Well, of late I've developed interest in a musical instrument called Cajon, but unfortunately due to this pandemic I am not able to pursue it. But yes, the plan of action I have to learn it is allocate a definite time to learn the instrument in a week once everything normalises. I'll put up my heart and soul to become a pro in it.

  3. I’m am a big fan sir. My choice is to work on the critical success factors in my profession. My habits are rapped around my goals. I am happier now that I have you as an example of how to live a life with wisdom.

  4. did a miner who worked himself to death in a, say, coal mine in the 17th century ever become the owner of that mine? was he ever really earning any of those profits of what he unearthed?
    no. he died, his body destroyed, after a long gruesome work life …as a miner, in poverty.
    theres the answer.

  5. Hi Brian I listen to all your audios and have read many of your books and while I believe that creating a plan and working on the right actions works it had only worked for a while. 8 years in sales I have out worked my colleagues studied every day and but honestly it goes well for a while then all of sudden deal after deal falls over and you don't get anywhere near earning what your efforts deserve. Year after you feel so close that you can feel it and yet no matter what plan I put together how many times I write goals the year ends disappointing. I'm starting to think luck has a huge part in major success. Would love your thoughts on this

  6. My goal is to immigrate to Canada with my family.
    I've failed to achieve this goal a few years in a row. My plan always didn't work out for me! I'm not giving up though, I need to find a job in Canada, specifically in Sudbury, ON, get a job offer there. The plan is to:
    1. Send my resume to employers in Sudbury every day;
    2. Whenever possible get Canadian tourist Visa and visit those employers in person to have as many job interviews as possible to finally land a job to immigrate.

    I do hope this plan finally works for me and my family!

  7. So, hard work is a requirement to be well off but hard work itself does not mean you will succeed. Hard work is necessary to achieve a goal, but it is not a defining factor. Tim Hererra writes in The New York Times, “The people at the top of any given field didn't get there just by working hard.

  8. My goals:
    1. Eliminate emotional pain from worrying/stress/anxiety and insults/attack on self worth.
    The plan is to experiment with methods learned from other videos.
    2. Become an extremely social and pleasant individual (I was previously a introvert with a stone cold personality)
    Plan: Using methods learned from other videos, I focus on making each method habitual one by one.

  9. Thanks Brian for your valuable and informative video.
    My ultimate Goal in life is to become a well-established and highly-cited researcher in physics.
    The plan toward achieving that Goal is to engage everyday in high-value tasks and focus singlemindedly on research-related work that brings me closer to that Goal.
    >> We missed you in Nov last year in Düsseldorf. I hope you will visit again after the pandemic <<

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