Business Tips: 4 Distractions That Kill Productivity | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 4 Distractions That Kill Productivity | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 4 Distractions That Kill Productivity | Brian Tracy

One thing for certain is that we live in a world with no shortage of distractions. From technology that connects us to everything and everyone to the endless sources of entertainment all around us, life is full of distractions capable of derailing your progress each day.

The best thing you can do to overcome distractions, is to boost your self-discipline. Download a FREE chapter of my book, “The Power of Self-discipline.” Click the link above!

“There are no shortcuts. To be a big success, start a little earlier, work a little harder, and stay a little later.” – Brian Tracy (Click to Tweet:

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42 Replies to “Business Tips: 4 Distractions That Kill Productivity | Brian Tracy”

  1. Brian Tracy is still going strong! And his advice and content never loses relevance. This man has lasting power. Legendary!

  2. For me going online and watching videos plus downloading various types of data in pdfs is a big distraction that has ruined my personal,social and physical life now its become too much difficult for me to change this habit.

  3. Brian ! M an Indian from a very financially challenged family. My mom never went school & my father 8th grade dropped out.
    But your video helped me to achieve 100% Scholarship from Edith Cowan University Perth Australia for MBA.
    U r the way of my life & I help others to achieve peace & success in their lives these days.

  4. Well, anyway, there's no hope for Fiat money, and the country needs a good Manager.That's how Borodich, who is building the Universa project, is a useful thing.

  5. YouTube distracts me with time as I am always searching the right topics to learn. Videos are always short, quick and rushed. I wish I can find more class videos. Therefore always searching so I can listen while I'm working.

  6. Because it is necessary to switch to blockchain long ago. Borodich makes a good project for banks and States. Just imagine, public administration on the blockchain, it's Paradise. Everything is transparent, no corruption

  7. hi sir brian tracy if it wasnt for your ideas im still hangry and afraid to push myself to be better… lot of love sir brian take care always!!!

  8. The most distracting thing is the bad planning of tasks and bad time management that I’m suffering from
    Phone is one of the worst distractions I’ve ever had
    I don’t have a good time management that could help me in organizing my daily activities and tasks

  9. Sometimes I have a thought that it is easier now than ever in history to be successful and be rich, but the amount of distractions are holding back everyone. Nothing else.

  10. Brian!!! thanks so much for sharing all your wisdom with us. Such a devoted man willing to help us troughout so many years!!! My distraction are my phone, and internet. So i am trying to disconnect before starting my tasks. Right now i am trying a 25/ 5 technique, 25 minutes of concentration, followed by a 5 mins break, hoping i can increase it soon.
    ANd i also meditate because sometimes toughts are a big distraction too.

  11. Why is it that When I am intentional about planning my day and commit to a schedule, that is the day someone asks me to do something specific to help them?

  12. Remember folks, if you lack success in your life, no matter how many things your doing right, your still doing something wrong. Your lack of success is always 100% your own fault. How do we know this? Because Brian Tracy and other motivational speakers like himself tell us this! 🙂