Business Tips: 5 Ideas to Monetize a Public Speaking Business | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 5 Ideas to Monetize a Public Speaking Business | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 5 Ideas to Monetize a Public Speaking Business | Brian Tracy

Public speaking is a highly rewarding career. With time and strategy, you can take your public speaking career and its revenue to the next level and monetize your business. If you want to go from novice to renowned speaker quickly watch this video and follow these tips today.

Public speaking is a competitive yet rewarding career path. Want to discover the #1 factor to becoming a successful, professional speaker? Download my guide for 8 Tips to Public Speaking by clicking the link above.

0:43- Sell a post-event recording
1:11- Offer consulting to your audience
1:44- Convert your key points into a book
2:23- Sell a shorter e-book online
2:26- Develop an online course
3:09- Offer online public speaking training
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18 Replies to “Business Tips: 5 Ideas to Monetize a Public Speaking Business | Brian Tracy”

  1. Which one of these ideas is best for your experience, expertise, and resources? Let me know your thoughts below!
    And if you want to jumpstart your speaking career now, click the link above!

  2. Sir I take lot of knowledge and I love to motivate People sir lot ,,,, I motivate every 1 and I c positive in everyone frm when I found my goal I am fully changed I came to kwn the who am I ,,,, and y I am in dis world

  3. I really like the idea of writing a book and offering online courses. I will need to continue and finish my studies in aromatherapy and essential oils first. As well as getting a few solid years under my belt. However that would be a good goal eventually. ♡ Great ideas Brian!

  4. Another stunning video Brian. Your work has inspired me for years and is one of the reason I started my own channel to help entrepreneurs create the life and business of their dreams. So I thank you immensely

  5. My daughter whom just passed away in March has always said I should be a motivational speaker. But I have no actual experience. Just that I've been self-employed in construction for over 25yrs. When I speak in general I seem to have a way of postitvly impacting others lives and motivating them. But I don't know where to start. I have several ideas on books I want to write. One being my memoir 2 being about my daughter and her struggles with depression an addiction in honor of her.

  6. Dear Bryan, shout out to you! Stay healthy, safe and positive! We all love you and thankful to you here in Tucson, AZ! My suggestion is to add one more tip for the audience,- join an international non-profit organization Toastmasters and polish their public speaking skills.