Business Tips: 5 Productivity Tips for Working from Home | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 5 Productivity Tips for Working from Home | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 5 Productivity Tips for Working from Home | Brian Tracy

Many of us are now working from home during these uncertain times. It is important now, more than ever, that you remain productive while working from your home office. To remain as productive as possible, here are five useful tips you can use to be productive while working from home.

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: 5 Productivity Tips for Working from Home | Brian Tracy”

  1. What about the kids? We cant work at home with kids. It is Impossible whith small children. We cant let them Alone and ignore s easy to send people work at home but they forget that we have another work that is kids, and meals, etc.

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  3. 1.getting up at same time every morning
    2.getting dressed as it leaves a psychological effect on your mind
    3.establish a certain place where you are supposed to work for a particular office time period while working from home
    4.take proper breaks eg.follow pomodoro technique (50-10 principle)
    5.oops i forgot

  4. In order to be productive you need to be disciplined. Self Discipline plays a vital role in your life. Take breaks during work so that it may fresh your mind and you can concentrate harder.

  5. 【 WFHを効率的にする5つのTIPS 】

    ① 朝のルーティンを確立する
    ② 仕事部屋を作る
    ③ 同僚と連絡を取り合う
    ④ 休憩をとる
    ⑤ 決まった時間で働く

  6. Awesome tips! I just finished editing a video for my own channel on this topic! Excited to see the community rally around these types of videos!

  7. Definitely the morning routine. I was feeling a bit down having to WFH but getting ready for work really helped me regain the focus & energy for work

  8. I think morning routine is the most important.
    My morning routine is about 1hour and 45minutes long, i sleep 6hours everynight and wake up at 4.30 every morning.
    My parents dont like this tho, but I really dont know how much sleep is the right amount for me. I have tried different things, but atleast for now, I stick with my 6hours.

    Gimme more advice please! 😀
    What to do in those times, when you gotta write something, but ur head is empty, and u just stare at the thing u are doing?
    I think this is called brain fog…