Business Tips: 5 Reasons You're Not Achieving Your Goals | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 5 Reasons You're Not Achieving Your Goals | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 5 Reasons You're Not Achieving Your Goals | Brian Tracy

Do you want to learn how to set goals and create an action plan? People do not achieve goals when they are too vague, not measurable, achievable, or relevant to their life. Prioritize your personal growth and find out the 5 reasons you are setting goals and not achieving them.

SMART goal setting will teach you how to set goals and actually achieve them. Learn how to achieve your goals and be on your way to goal setting success with my SMART Goals Cheat Sheet. Click the link above!
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38 Replies to “Business Tips: 5 Reasons You're Not Achieving Your Goals | Brian Tracy”

  1. Have you ever set a goal that you were not able to reach? What was it and how could you have made it more attainable?
    SMART goal setting will teach you how to set goals and actually achieve them. Download my free guide and start achieving today>

  2. Don't like the example of saying "I'm going to workout 3 days a week and stop drinking soda" instead of "I want to get in shape"… why? I think it's a cop out. It assumes that the "more specific" goal is equivalent to the goal to get in shape; it's not. I can workout 3 days a week and stop drinking soda and never get in shape. Instead I deceive myself thinking I'm making progress when I'm not.

  3. Great videos Brain Tracy, your books changed my perspective in life. You also inspired me to start a YouTube channel focusing on happy career, this way I pay it forward by spending sometime every week.

  4. I'm having a goal of becoming a singer, from past 5 years, but still I haven't achieve it yet. Sometimes, I think I didn't worth it. Or I'm not good at..

  5. Well, I wanted to find a way to get Julian Assange out of Belmarsh Prison but everything I tried to do didn't work. I also wanted to go to Japan to visit my sister but I keep having issues with it. Also, wanted to do a spring release of my graphic novel in stores in the spring but Corona Virus has made it where most shops are shut down, art galleries, conventions etc. I am now trying to get a room set up and decorated as my art/craft studio to make YouTube videos in until the stores open up. I hope it goes better then other goals for 2020 have gone so far. T_T

  6. மாலையில் இருந்து கண்கள் சொக்குகிறது.
    இடது கை கட்டைவிரல் அவ்வப்போது விரைத்து கொள்கிகறது. ஓரிரு நிமிடம் கழித்து விடுகிறது.
    வலது கால் விரல்கள் ஒரு பக்கமாக இழுத்து விடுகிறது.

  7. மருத்துவர்களுக்கு வணக்கம்.
    நான் அமைதியாக இருக்க என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்.

  8. 1st closing win $500 outside my pay check J.O.B by 28.2.2020! and I never achieved it.
    1. Maybe the goal was unrealistic because of complacency from changing J.O.B

    2. Not knowing my how/ the How never came. When I saw the first opportunity come my way thought it was the how but turns out I should not have joined if I wasn’t ready.

    3. Not getting the right help ( possibility) Confused by my mentors teachings even if I do love his material and roleplaying with mentees ect.

    4. Lack of consideration for Goal achievement or relevant material I need to view to make it!

  9. I haven't been able to achieve effective Communication skills.
    That's one of my biggest goals right now.

    I bought this online course that requires me to talk to local business owners. Which I'm excited about.
    But words just don't come out the way I want them to.
    I'd like to present my idea in a persuasive, interesting, eloquent, funny way. Any practical advices?

  10. I want to be honest here, maybe you Brian or someone (goal achiever) could help me! I tried many times to follow your method for goal setting but something always goes wrong. Im not convinced by my goal setting! I read 3 of your books, i know what to do but why I should put a Due date for something that i don't know exactly when i reach it? i mean this step should be in the planing phase! Or it should be omitted. In summary, I really need help. Im circling around myself without any true progress! Is it that simple? If yes, then why im I struggling? Im very doubtful about this method! Maybe cause i cant master it? I need a tool that translates my thoughts into achievable goals!!! Please!!

  11. On 15th April I set a goal to study continuously for 21 day , dont watch any movie , more focus on studies but I broke my goal and I watched movie yesterday. I tried hard to not break rule but I can't help it. I was feeling anxiety and break the momentum. Today I again mention on my calendar a new 21 day challenge for study ,no movies. Please help me out how I will succeed in accomplishing my 21 day challenge. I want to take 90 days challenge. I want to be a good guy. Please help me.

  12. When I started goal-setting in 2018, my first goal was to make 100 million dollars in a year. I had never made a single dollar in business. I learned from that mistake, and this year I achieved 100% of my goals by April 18th, even during the coronavirus! But goals can also be too easy to achieve. It's good to have some goals that are too hard.

  13. Having measurable goals is critical to actually achieving them. I have a similar YouTube Channel and I'd invite anyone reading to SUBSCRIBE. I teach Marketing & Sales Strategy to Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Startups

  14. Brian Tracy's work was one of the most important factors to my success as a human being. Thanks to him, now I have my own channel where I make videos about productivity and especially his work. His books, eat that frog and Self discipline were one of the best I've ever read.

  15. Brian Tracy I read your books as a habit and I love them, thank you so much for sharing with us such precious information, I really appreciate it mister. Thanks to your books I can say my life has changed for good. Thank you so much again.