Business Tips: 6 Tips for Finding a New Job | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 6 Tips for Finding a New Job | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 6 Tips for Finding a New Job | Brian Tracy

Finding a job is no easy feat, especially under the current circumstances. Learning how to secure a job at the right wage, doing something you enjoy at a reputable company is an important life skill to develop. The teachings in this video will revolutionize your life and future in business.

It is crucial to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses when looking for a job. Identify areas of opportunity and improve your successes with my personal development plan template! Click the link above to download.

0:25- Listen Job Seekers and Job Changers
0:35- How to earn what you’re worth
1:17- Do your Homework
2:02- Doing an Internet Job Search
2:16- Gather research on companies
2:29- Attend a Job Fair
3:05- Search for active growing companies in your area

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19 Replies to “Business Tips: 6 Tips for Finding a New Job | Brian Tracy”

  1. Did you find these tips helpful? Share your own job finding tips below!

    Then if you need help identifying areas of opportunity to improve your successes click the link above to download my personal development plan template!

  2. Good Day Sire
    This is what I did last night. Said yes to the job. My wish must have went through resonance by the law of attraction.

    These videos have transformed me in the self confident, self reliant student, giving me confidence and courage to brand myself.

    When in doubt, I just go through your videos. The first video played should be yours.
    I hope for your good health, from the heart, wish to get the chance to meet you in person. As expected from a teenager like me.

  3. Tips for finding a new job. 1 write a resume that makes you sound really cool. 2. Send that resume to as many jobs as you can. 3. Don’t wait for them to call you, you call them. 4. Get a job and be happy for the rest of your life.

  4. Thank you Sir for this video. Please help me with some advise. Due to this pandemic, I have been extensively studying to become a database administrator which is a new area for me leaving customer service. I have practiced a lot and very confident of what I can offer. I am currently on the job search market. Can you please advise how to approach my interviews to be at my best and maximise my chances of getting a good offer. Thank you sir. You have helped me for years. Your advise helped me decide to change career to something I would love to do better.

  5. What should one do if he/she is average in what they learned, did not had any goals in life and don't know where to go and find that unknown goal or dream job?
    In short How do one know what he/she want to be in life as most of their decisions are dictated by their parents/society?

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