Business Tips: 6 Ways to Better Enjoy Your Career | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 6 Ways to Better Enjoy Your Career | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 6 Ways to Better Enjoy Your Career | Brian Tracy

Everyone dreams of having a highly successful career that they enjoy and that provides them with the lifestyle they desire. Far too many of us, though, end up settling short when it comes to our careers, working jobs we don’t enjoy for less money.

In this video I give you 6 tips for finding a career that you most enjoy.

One of the best ways to enjoy your career, is to own your own business! For this video I’ve attached a FREE PDF called The One Hour Business Plan. Click the link above to download!

“Think of yourself as you wish to be, not as you are today.” – Brian Tracy (Click to Tweet:

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24 Replies to “Business Tips: 6 Ways to Better Enjoy Your Career | Brian Tracy”

  1. i am anil from india; recently i got in to a job for making some money but i am not good at the work , i feel i am not fit for the job;
    so, i decided to leave the job ; but i feel insecurity of leaving;

  2. I really enjoy your book no excuses im working full time and going to college full time and can sometimes be overwhelmed i want to becone a social worker and help children also i want to be a motivational speaker i belive i have an inspiring story to tell your book helps me strive and chase my dreams everyday thank you brian tracy

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  5. Someone introduced me to your work today…. I need to change career and i'm scared of the unknown but when I imagine myself getting out of my "now-life" it's exciting… Up and forward ☺

  6. Dear Brian Tracy. You are hands down the biggest wisdom I've found in life so far. Thank you so much for teaching so many people all over the world and spreading positivity, ergo changing the world for the better! I watch your videos more than once each, take notes and try to implement them in my life. I seriously can't thank you enough! Sending you and your family loads of positive vibes!
    Thank you! Дякую!

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  8. I do feel stuck. After almost 10 years in very hard restaurant jobs I'm trying to move in sales marketing (in hospitality since it would make it easier, and in Asia because a lot of opportunities there). But a lot of obstacles seems to come in my way and the transition doesn't happen so far, after more than a year.