Business Tips: 7 Tips to Help You Become More Goal-Oriented | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: 7 Tips to Help You Become More Goal-Oriented | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: 7 Tips to Help You Become More Goal-Oriented | Brian Tracy

Are you writing down your goals for the new year? WRITTEN goals are 3 times more likely to be accomplished than unwritten goals – who knew? Discover the simple seven-step formula you can use to start writing down your goals and achieve success today!

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36 Replies to “Business Tips: 7 Tips to Help You Become More Goal-Oriented | Brian Tracy”

  1. Thank you
    – decide exactly what you want
    – write it down
    – set a deadline
    – make a list
    – organise your list into a plan
    – take action on your plan
    – do something every day that moves you towards your major goal

  2. My Goal for this year is that To learn 2 chapter of the holly Quran InchaAllah.
    I love your way of thinkig, I respect you, & I hope for the deep of my heart that you try To read about Islam & To know more about this beautiful religion. Wish that you read my comment.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Définir ses objectifs de façon précise semble facile. Mais c'est vraiment un travail de fond. Mon objectif principal cette année est d'obtenir une forte somme d'argent sue j'ai déjà définie. Merci pour les conseils.

  4. I m in network marketing. I want to earn the income 1.5 lakh rs per month by the end of Dec 2020. I want to be more healthier by my next birth day

  5. I have cleared module 1 of cs executive program exam in dec 2019 and i have cleared cs professional exam in december 2020 and becomed a quality company secretary in the year 2020

  6. This video is phenomenal! Brian Tracy is simply the best mentor, coach and educator when it comes to success and personal development. I love the simple, clear definition of a plan which helps turn a dreadful and overwhelming word into something anyone can create and follow: an ordered list. Thank you!

  7. And I tell EVERYONE about you, in that you’re the ‘real deal’-lived it, washing dishes in a studio apt w/ rented, basic furniture to where you have grown overtime (clearly long before now!) God bless!!!

  8. Mr. Tracy I have many of your books ‘Maximum Achievement’ (1st), ‘Eat That Frog’-I’m sure you know is CONSISTENTLY referred to by many sources!, ‘No Excuses’, & others. Your ‘Accelerated Learning Techniques’ Program & other recent material..surely you’ve heard/read 1mm times your material has so many positive effects..I am truly grateful!!

  9. Thank you for your
    Información is really good I’m changing my life a round for the better Discipline changing my habits and every day listening to your videos