Business Tips: Favorite Quote on Success

Business Tips: Favorite Quote on Success

Success Tip: Favorite Quote on Success

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People always ask me, if I could choose to convey one message to an audience, what would it be? Watch this video to learn about my favorite quote on success and how it can help you achieve your goal of being successful.



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20 Replies to “Business Tips: Favorite Quote on Success”

  1. Hello Brian,

    First of all, I want to thank you heartily for everything you have tought me, making me realise that it is not a piece of paper that makes you a successful and well-educated person; passing on to me your values and principles and, above all, the inestimable value of time and life management.

    Now I have an important question you may help me with: as marketing reseach allows marketing decision makers to take the most effective decisions, how could it be possible for a customer (i.e. a student or a worker) to conduct a research on a specific segment of the job market (and/or on an agency), that is in order to understand which competences are the most valuable and desirable in those places, so as to write the adequate goal and a consistent strategy with that?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards

    Nicolò Coluzzi Pasquali

  2. Success takes a lot of action, John David will teach you the step by step process of it. Check out Proper Income Dot Com, he let me earn more money my first day on it.

  3. I will make sure my 15-year-old daughter sees this TODAY. Brian helped quadruple my income with his Focal Point coaching 7 years ago and his message is needed now more than ever.

  4. I like this better…it's from honest Abe and I heard it in one of your programs: "I'll study and I'll prepare and one day my chance will come"
    You are both saying the same thing. Thanks for all Brian!

  5. Brian,

    You have taught me more about achievement, success, and excellence than anyone. You have been one of my most influential teachers in life. Thank you.

    Brandon Rouge