Business Tips: Finding and Keeping the Right Fit Clients

Business Tips: Finding and Keeping the Right Fit Clients

Inbound Marketing Tip: Finding and Keeping the Right Fit Clients

Beth teaches us about the importance of finding right-fit clients. She shares why it’s so important to qualify for fit, how she identifies if a potential client is a right or wrong fit, and what impact this has on the client experience. We also talk about when and how it’s appropriate to move on from bad-fit clients.

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After speaking with and getting to know a number of agency owners, it’s become clear that there’s a very specific type of education they all want. They want to learn how to scale their agency. It seems the greatest need of agency owners comes with the pains of starting, running, and growing a business. They need help with process development, sourcing, hiring, and retaining top-performing talent. They also need some help with developing a team structure that makes sense, financial planning and agency economics, navigating mergers and acquisitions, identifying new revenue streams, and a bunch of that other stuff that we could bucket under this agency operations umbrella. Now these topics are not a one size fits all type solution, right? But there’s a pool of highly qualified, remarkably knowledgeable leaders who can speak to and educate others on these topics. You, the agency owners. Coming in 2019 is a re-imagining of Agency Unfiltered. From January through June, we’ll launch new episodes bi-weekly with each episode featuring agency owners having an unfiltered conversation with me around one of those operational tactics. No fluff. No shenanigans. Just actionable agency tips from owners just like you.

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