Business Tips: How to Ace Your Job Interview

Business Tips: How to Ace Your Job Interview

Success Tip: How to Ace Your Job Interview

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Watch this video on effective interview tips to learn how to ace an interview and land your ideal job.



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14 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Ace Your Job Interview”

  1. I felt the same way as you. I love his books, CDs, videos…then I read "Something for Nothing", and was really put off by his diatribes, especially since I'm a teacher. But you know what?

    As time goes by, I realize he's essentially right. He overturns a lot of long held notions that I never questioned eg: taxing forces people to "buy things" which they'd never do in an open market.

    I do DISAGREE with his views on the environment, which millions of responsible, successful Chinese can thrash.

  2. Hey. My cousin had pretty drastic results by adding this new skill to Resume (also impressed current employer). Determined this was the easiest, quickest, cheapest way to add an in-demand skill that could be used immediately to get ahead on the job or at interview. Read at NewWorkSkills (this is a dot TK site). Good luck!

  3. I don't like this guys political views, BUT he seems like a cool guy otherwise. The simple fact he makes these videos to help the public for FREE says a lot about him…

  4. Yes, he is a cyborg. Plus, I think the background is a flat picture. Actually, I don't mind the camera changes. It changes with a new statement or comment. BT has a very soothing presentation and he is straightforward. Also, his eyes are not flitting at a cue card like others. I will watch more of his videos.