Business Tips: How to Craft a 5 Year Plan | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: How to Craft a 5 Year Plan | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: How to Craft a 5 Year Plan | Brian Tracy

The first step towards success, in any area of your life, is creating a plan. This is because those that make plans, take action. In this video, I want to talk to you about how to craft a 5-year plan so that you can live your best life.

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“Any system or blueprint for success is better than none at all. Think on paper.” @BrianTracy (Click to tweet:

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28 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Craft a 5 Year Plan | Brian Tracy”

  1. I had a panel interview was and I was asked, "where do you see yourself in five years?". I said, "celebrating the five-year anniversary of you asking me that question". I got a big laugh and the job. No, but seriously, this is awesome and I'm currently writing dow my 5-year on google docs so I'll have it everywhere I go.

  2. "Think on paper" and "Never think twice" have changed my life. I've been thinking on paper for more than a year now and I am full of ideas and plans. I've tried many projects, many of them weren't in the right timing, but many of them brought tons of satisfaction into my life. Now I have a great job, I'm close to graduation, I started to take coaching sessions, I'm building my personal brand on linkedIn, I'm starting to consider an MBA for my future development, and I'm happy overall. Thanks, Brian!

  3. I like all your advice and been recommended to many friends; do I have a reward, kidding, I wish I could translate in Filipino language to help my clan how to save money with discipline and goals. Thank you Tracy.

  4. Brian, I actually found the part on treating myself, most appealing. Here I am standing with my arms placed on a large pillow writing this comment, while massaging the right sole of my foot with a hard massage ball (blue, called Champion).

  5. Great work as always Mr. T. You do the most for the people. You're a hero. You dont need a cape to be one

  6. Most important caption in the video is the goals I have for my family …
    But I didn’t hear spiritual goals, that to me I think would have been the most important .

  7. The next 2 years are going to be very interesting and I really have to plan them out! I have some goals that I want to achieve in those 2 years but they're not written down and fixed so I gotta get on it!

  8. Brian is the master of self help and business. His ideas are not just self help, he give concrete ideas unlike some other people. After a search that started in 2003, to improve my life I discovered his books in 2005. He got me more interested in business and being an all round more efficient person