Business Tips: How to Create and Use SMART Goals | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: How to Create and Use SMART Goals | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: How to Create and Use SMART Goals | Brian Tracy

Here’s how to use SMART goals to motivate employees and create an environment where they can win, and feel like winners.

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39 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Create and Use SMART Goals | Brian Tracy”

  1. Brian Tracy so Brian I Hope you read these comments, I have a serious question for you. I listen to alot of your lecture and wachet several of your videos, and the information you provide isn't jest transformasional revolashional. It can completely transform ppls life. So white that being seed, why is your net worth so much lower then these other so called gurus motivational speakers?

  2. Goals are like the seeds of success. I have have been following Brian's recommendations on goal setting and its like magic, it works must of the time and I accomplish more tasks than I expected

  3. I have set some smart goals in high school to get to university, they worked out. Now I am in University they do no longer work out I don't know why

  4. Brian, you are the best of those who talk about success, without mentioning any names!
    I had set SMART goals, the main problem I had was with the R. Not realistic enough. 🙁

  5. Sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these tips to organize and streamline goals and targets. I am sure this methods of setting SMART goals will help people achieve their desired outcomes. Keep sharing such innovative methods for self improvement.

  6. I have a varied set of SMART goals set with differing time requirements (this month, next 6 months, year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years & retirement.) It seems excessive at first but knowing that as each day passes if I am able to get one little thing done with each goal I will eventually run out of bullet points to check off. I set lots of little goals for myself so that I can feel confident that I am always moving forward with SOMETHING. When I achieve the bigger goals I am extremely gratified not only in the realization of said goal but when I realize that I planned it, set into motion that plan, adjusted as necessary while applying DETERMINATION & PERSISTENCE until its realization.

    Your books and videos have not made my life perfect but applying your principles I have been able to move mountains in my own life and even pass this knowledge on to others. I find it frustrating that people who are leaders, managers, or administration either do not know about these principles or blatantly ignore their application. The world economy could easily be boosted simply by treating subordinate employees as assets everywhere rather than just tools.

    Thank you for everything.

  7. Yes, I do. I set micro goals for myself, when I need to accomplish a bigger goal. I set steps to do the work and do those steps one by one until I reach my goal or complete a big task. I apply this to my work and at home.

  8. Great video mr. Brian! You did help me a lot last year.. looking forward your app release in applestore, so we here in Brazil can buy your courses without being taxed

  9. I have a difficult time completing my goals every year. As I begin to transition careers, I find that I am behind schedule with my search. I am motivated to spend time developing and working on each goal.