Business Tips: How to Regain Lost Motivation | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: How to Regain Lost Motivation | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: How to Regain Lost Motivation | Brian Tracy

We all lose motivation at some point, but I’m here to help you regain motivation and stay productive, so you can achieve your goals. No matter what happens around you, utilizing SMART goal techniques will ensure you reach your goals. If you’re lacking motivation, watch this video gain it back.

Motivation starts with motive, so if you are in need of a target to aim at I’m here to help. My SMART Goals Template will teach you how to implement SMART Goals and get you on the fast track to success.

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0:36- Set Smart Goals
0:12- Remind yourself of the big picture goal
0:41- Check in with your mental state
1:56- Look for intrinsic motivators
2:25- Don’t overthink it
4:15- Activate the law of attraction
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24 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Regain Lost Motivation | Brian Tracy”

  1. What steps can you take to regain lost motivation? Tell me below!

    Then click the link above to learn how to implement SMART goals with my easy to follow template!

  2. Getting distracted by intense worry about the future of our country and what it might mean for our businesses, our families and our freedoms. Having difficulty refocusing on launching a startup that presumes a certain known business environment (Capitalism), when I'm concerned that I might be better off doing something else that might help more people in need. I'm overcome by inertia right now, waiting to see what's coming down the pike. I know FEAR is a 4 letter word, but I'm older and I just never thought I would witness what's happening to our country today. I'm in a state of shock, so to speak. I dont know how to readjust my thinking to adapt to the current and coming changes.

  3. I just completed your book Maximum Achivement 2 days ago ,,, Superb book , one of the best book i have ever read ,,, Sir I'm athlete so recommend me your another book which can truly help me like your this book ,,, waiting for your reply ???

  4. Hey Brian, always good to see you. You are such a great role model, still working industriously to help people make the most of their lives. I have followed you for years and when I was younger I made some mistakes, but listening to you helped me right the ship and now I am an enterprising citizen. I truly thank you for insisting that we must all continue to learn and keep growing: this is the single most important thing that allows one to enjoy life as we get older.

  5. Hello Mr. Tracy
    Starting next morning I am going on 21 day mental diet, as you recommended it in one of your videos. I will come back after 3 weeks to share my results! Thank you for sharing you knowledge with the whole world! I hope you are doing good and well!
    Best regards!

  6. U are my hero since I started learning and reading yours books and your video my life chanege and I have build my self confidence and am working towards my dream tank u sir.

  7. I quit my job because it was against my moral and because I was confident of my ability to switch careers(had both the company and the job and had a plan) … then, I got shocked of how hard it is! … My mom's death, right after quitting, and thinking about my past failures; have slown my brain so much that I started thinking of quitting my field (IT)… It's been 6 months now (jobless) and still don't know what to do.. I lost every motivation