Business Tips: How to Set Goals: 5 Common Myths About Setting Goals | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: How to Set Goals: 5 Common Myths About Setting Goals | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: How to Set Goals: 5 Common Myths About Setting Goals | Brian Tracy

Watch this video to learn about the 5 common myths about setting goals. Learn why it’s important to set a goal and how to set the rights goals for yourself.

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38 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Set Goals: 5 Common Myths About Setting Goals | Brian Tracy”

  1. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "why should you plan your life goals" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Conoah Goalify Gotchie – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.

  2. Hello Brian! Thank you for your all fantastic videos. I have a question. How can we turn some of our most important desires like being a confident or more positive person to tangible goals.Thanks

  3. Hello Brian sir,
    I completely agree with you that everyone should have a goal but I have a doubt.
    Should we not work for some organisation goals?won't it help us to learn something out of it?

  4. My loveones has the same thinking as you, they are realistic in their goals and work harder. But you know what happened in 50 years? were still broke. We struggle in all forms of life repeatedly ย in personal and business growth. They not believe in myths but what is this happen? Ca you please give some advice?

  5. I especially agree with and well the part about a goal being like a house…..goals…written and specific…are the key to reaching them, for sure..

  6. I always had a problem of keeping many Goals and Achieving None in the end.

    To Overcome this problem, I started Keeping one only Goal at a time, so that I can finish it.

    I have an iPhone and i thought if there is any app which helps me Achieve One Goal at a time, it will be great.
    In my Search for such an app, I found "just1goal" iOS app by Lokesh Hanumappa.

    This is really cool app which makes sure you can set/track/achieve only one goal at a time.

    Hope it helps you guys too.

  7. To the point. Great work. I have read a few books and saw videos by Brian Tracey. I really respect this man. He helped so many. Keep up the good work!

  8. He's said once before that other people will let us down but our goals will always hold true and be predictable. We can depend on our goals if we have learned the skill of goal setting as he says.

  9. That's right. Brian Tracy is a great guy. His books and way of thinking changed my life. I owe him a lot! I love hearing him – he makes me feel calm and relaxed. ; )

  10. Brian Im not sure if you read comments but I would like to thank you for all your videos. You have truly helped me in many areas of my life over the last 6months, since the first time I saw your "unbreakable laws" seminar video. I believe it is the way you deliver your ideas in such a no nonsense, straight forward and logical way that I understand the importance of taking control, but more importantly the sheer futility of a life without complete responsibility. I have great respect. Thank you

  11. Hi Brian, I've just watched the video and tried to imaging myself writing down my goals and then I couldn't because to me it is scary that they might be too difficult to achieve, that I may not succeed. Being a control freak, I can't take it. My mind prefers to escape back into safe well-known patterns with moderate challenges. I am scared to seriously dream big and truly transform fantasies into well planned structured goals. Any advice? Many thanks and kind regards.

  12. Thanks, Brian, I appreciate the refresher on goals and for bringing it to the front of my attention. It is clearly time for me to review my goals.