Business Tips: Personal Development Plan for Motivation in 2019 | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: Personal Development Plan for Motivation in 2019 | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: Personal Development Plan for Motivation in 2019 | Brian Tracy

Focusing on your own individual personal development plan enhances the qualities you hold within you and makes your dreams and aspirations turn into a reality. Your potential is limitless and investing in personal development is a way to harness your many talents.

I’ve included a FREE Personal Development Template with this video for you to download, just click the link above!

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42 Replies to “Business Tips: Personal Development Plan for Motivation in 2019 | Brian Tracy”

  1. I am so happy and grateful to be working on my Goals.
    Thank you Brian Tracy for your valuable Lesson.
    You Lessons are transformational.
    Sometimes my Lack Of Planing , Lack Of setting Goals and Nit taking Action keep me behind from where I can be.

  2. Brian please read this:

    Some people love singing but they sing with real bad wrong notes.
    Some people love cooking but everything her hands get on are either turn into charcoal or don't blend well.
    They should obviously give up the hope of making a living out of their dream.
    There are also people have interests AND talent. They are good at what they love doing. They are the lucky ones.
    What about us the majority who aren't completely hopeless but not born as masters? How do we know if we belong to the hopeless dummies, or those who can be as good as the talented ones with a little bit more effort?

  3. myself, I stop myself from doing almost everything!! I am so eager to achieve my goals but I procrastinate in almost every aspect of my life!! I am now setting out my daily plan and a weekly plan with also a monthly plan!! I am going to do my everything I can to achieve my goals within my plan!! You have gave me inspiration to change my life Brian Tracy!! Thank you <3

  4. Yes I am afraid of failing so I don't even prepare a plan
    Sometimes I prepare a plan and follow it but for one day or two days again after I fall back and live an unplanned life.
    I realise this but still I don't improve
    I am not consistent in planning and implementation
    I never sit alone in solitude and make plan.
    I have never prepared long term plans
    Please guide me
    Your video was excellent and educative and motivational

  5. Thanks to Brian, I listen his coaching , video almost every morning repeat it many times, I make a goal , set a plan try to achieve and most of the goals already achieved, thing that holding back me is I do not set up another bigger goal and I don't want out from comfort zone I feel grateful compare with last 2 years . Feeling grateful and say enough is one thing that I felt satisfied and not chase goals crazy like before..

  6. I have designed my personal development at the beginning of 2019. I am a fresh graduate and still unemployed. But, I believe in my self I can go through the toughest moment in my life. Keep it up>>>

  7. How to focus on one goal… Is my problem. I keep on changing my goals, try multiple things same time! Which is stopping me to be master in one thing! Sir can you help me to overcome this habit?

  8. Hello Mr. Brain Tracy
    I'm Mowlid Mohamed from Somalia, My key comment is lack of plan and procrastination.
    and i want you to help overcome these above mentioned problem.

  9. Honest mentorship with no personal agenda from mentors side. Because its not what do, it's mostly how to do it and getting feedback when you fail or see obstacle after you generate a set of solutions.

  10. BrianTracy Always has great content that I can add to my life as well as my real estate profession as a realtor and investor!
    My Overthinking and procrastination is indeed caused by my lack of self confidence! I door knock Expireds preforeclosures, and Knowing what to say and being able to add value is important to me!
    As educated as I am, I believe college has been my safety that contains me from being a doer! Over analysis and caution is in the humanities field!
    I have a vision of what I see for myself…. Need a plan of action to get there.