Business Tips: Practical Tips to 10x Your Company | Brian Tracy

Business Tips: Practical Tips to 10x Your Company | Brian Tracy

Success Tip: Practical Tips to 10x Your Company | Brian Tracy

Business Model Innovation or Regeneration is important to keep your business from becoming obsolete. Watch this video to learn tactics to continue to evolve your business model and company.

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29 Replies to “Business Tips: Practical Tips to 10x Your Company | Brian Tracy”

  1. Anybody can catch what audio program did Brian buy at Min 4:30? I didn't quite get it. I want to listen to that audio program also. Anyone can help?

  2. What's the difference what will happen if the economy is bursting at the seams. Hope for the project Universa. world, will allow to conduct blockchain around the world, so soon the economy will become transparent and convenient

  3. Hello brain…. I am from Sudan thank you very much for your works..I have never seen a rare gem of your caliber….the truth must be said…you've one way or the other changed many people way of thinking……..
    From your video consumer.. Jibril.

  4. If I had so much money – I would not have steamed and just bought a cryptocurrency, such as UPNP. They are now developing a great project and has already entered the world market,, you can see how they are all going

  5. Brian as I wrote you personally.
    I have literally saturated my mind with your work daily on audio programs the last 3+ Years
    My life is like the Garden Of Eden.
    I am currently in Japan for the first time as I write this.
    I have no bills, Debt Free, lots of cash and travel and live as I please.
    My goal is always 10 on joy and 1-2 on expenses.

    Your work of all others books have help me get the results that we are all after.
    Your Admirer,

  6. Thank you for the beautiful insights, you have clearly explained the  definition on business model  ie 'ability of generate profits. It's the process or system by which you create profits.' This will act as a constant reminder that the purpose of business is to create profits and generate more customers.. I always love your videos and a big admirer of your speeches.

  7. Another great video and nice to see you're looking healthier Brian. Whoever creates these files needs to do a better job of proof-reading as they spelled process wrong at the 43 second mark. Paying close attention to detail is always important!

  8. Society is boiling because the bureaucracy and corruption destroyed everything. It is necessary to switch to blockchain long ago, and not to spend a lot of time while your money loses its value. The Universa project is created specifically for the needs of the state and is able to maintain a clean and transparent economy. No more offshore.

  9. Absolutely love your new presentation style, Mr.Tracy. Much more relatable, educational, and most importantly alive (your body language and dynamic voice tonality). Kudos.

  10. Apart from the content Mr. Tracy, I am noticing an immense change in your whole personality…. I wonder what is the reason but keep the energy levels up…. feeling inspired…. additionally the choice of music is heavenly

  11. Sorry I missed you in London! I would have loved to meet you and watch you speak live. Your book “create your own future” gave me the motivation and enlightened me to achieve 3 of my biggest goals this year. And i have set myself, no matter what, a goal to start my business(s) and become immensely successful in this field! Thank you