Business Tips: Q&A: Finding Balance & Task Concentration

Business Tips: Q&A: Finding Balance & Task Concentration

Success Tip: Q&A: Finding Balance & Task Concentration

“How do I balance study and hobbies?” and “How do I maintain concentration and stay on task?” are two questions asked on my Facebook page. Watch this video to hear my answers.

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30 Replies to “Business Tips: Q&A: Finding Balance & Task Concentration”

  1. Dear Brian, You are amazing person!! I love Your video! I m not actually fluent in English but Your clear voice make a miracle as every word get my conscious and even subconscious mind softly / Every fragment so remarkable. Best wishes!
    Lyubov Ukraine

  2. Thanks Brian! Your words are always objective and make plain simple sense. since I was a teen I've often repeated the "do it now" and "back to work" Mantras. Tomorrow I'll write my goals for the day, and also list the steps for a couple of large projects coming up. I've never done that before, and I can see how that could shorten the time completing a boring task.
    27 years self employed licensed Electrical Contractor, working musician, successful artist with many other irons in many fires. Your posts are very helpful, thank you!

  3. Regarding your question: Im going to read Eat that Frog! I wanted to read it weeks ago but yeah….I postpone things….. And im also going to try the Do it now mantra.
    Thank you sir, great.

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