Business Tips: The 80/20 Rule

Business Tips: The 80/20 Rule

Success Tip: The 80/20 Rule

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24 Replies to “Business Tips: The 80/20 Rule”

  1. hellko brian tracy thanks for this wonderful message. i have a problem with 80 / 20 , how can i figure out the 20 % that bring me 80% results ? for example i have 10 habbits on my list . i only can develop 2 habbits at a time . how will i know which habbits will produce the 80% of the result ?

  2. Great and Cool Video! 
    In Life, I have implemented 80-20 law to the maximum and the results has been awesome. I manage all my 80 and 20s using a mobile app called "80 20 pareto" by lokesh hanumappa. 
    I am so lucky to know this Pareto Principle!

  3. There is truth in positive reinforcement, however, selling of ideas, services, goods is easy when you understand the concepts behind the reality. If you want to sell… don't sell for money… sell because you are passionate about what you are selling. People buy inspiration coupled with winning organization. Moving people requires belief in what you are selling. If you do not believe what you are selling you are cheating yourself. Cheating yourself means you are cheating the client…

  4. @SuperSk8rBoyCT How about a full stop at the end if you're scrutinizing/scrutinising grammar. Also, are you sure it's spelled? Are you sure it's not spelt?

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    He's basically saying that 80% of selling relies on manipulation and lies.

  7. This is meant to be somewhat general in nature. Brian does tell us what the Winning Edge is though – which is defining the "Critical Success factors" for any specific job – not just sales. It is meant to make you do some soul searching/ reflection.

  8. Man, he looks old.
    I was a big Tracy fan in the past. I know he generalises a lot, but he does point people in useful directions.
    But he looks tired in this clip. Looks like he stayed up all night recording this.