Business Tips: The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Business Tips: The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Success Tip: The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

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There is a fine line between being a confident person and being arrogant. Watch this video to learn how to be confident and increase your levels of self-esteem. By being a more confident person, you will increase your ability to achieve the goals you set for yourself.



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29 Replies to “Business Tips: The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance”

  1. Thank you so much personally I am learning from you r video so much,,

    I just know you recently but I ll back and check each and all your video I need every single words you have Said ♡

  2. That is very confusing to me because I'm a mix of both in this case , sometimes i do hate myself for things that I've done wrong to the limit that i despise my existence on this planet yet when i take a good look around me i figure out that people aren't angels as well , on the other hand i do have self respect and i know my limits and what I'm capable of , so this is really confusing

  3. Hi Brian,
    Wanted to probe a little deeper on arrogance versus confidence.
    Most of my colleagues and friends agree that, in their presence, I am on the side of confidence. However, at times I find myself facing people who are obviously out to waste my time(eg., the classic con-man, deliberately grabbing my attention, attempting to free ride on my time to use me and manipulate me to their advantage). At times like this, I have deliberately adopted a position of arrogance as a form of deterring them from wasting my time – generally in the form of a very assertive tone of voice that tells them 'don't f*** with me.' Colleagues and friends who have witnessed me doing so tell that this is the excessively arrogant side of me.

    So, my question to you is: how should I cope with time-wasters and free-riders, the type of people who are being arrogant towards me? Or am I already doing the right thing?

  4. I believe there are too many adjectives and nouns that are not precise enough to define all situations. Labeling someone as confident or arrogant is almost like trying to give out a verdict over some action. For example, if you have a one second video clip of someone punching another person, and then you have to judge the situation… From that one second clip most people will label the person throwing the punch as the violent one, the oppressor, the evil. But if I then add the information that the one getting punched is a child molester, then the majority of people will change their verdict saying that the person getting punched is the violent-oppressor-evil. There are countless incompetent, poor, unhealthy, ugly, selfish people who criticize "rich people", but may not be seen as arrogant mostly because they have NOTHING that most others would desire or envy. They may be even perceived as being "fighting for their rights", when they obnoxiously demand having the same things "rich people" worked for.( Now, I'm not saying all rich people worked for what they have, or that all "poor" people are obnoxious, etc. I'm just emphasizing some classifications that portray certain behaviors).
    So, maybe a knowledgeable, good, competent person may be perceived as "arrogant" only because actually the people categorizing him are angry incompetent ones.
    I think in order to categorize someone as "arrogant" there's a need to analyze THE REASON for the behavior of that person. And also we cannot necessarily attribute many other personality characteristics to the arrogance. Maybe the person is overcompensating for low self esteem, maybe they have too much self esteem, maybe they're just obnoxious and hate everyone, maybe they have delusions of grandiosity, maybe they were raised in a violent environment and became abrasive and anti-social as a self-defense mechanism, maybe they are sadistic and just like to impose fear on others. There may be a vast array of behavioral and psychological peculiarities that will make a person act with a "superiority stance", which may be patronizing or condescending, rude or violent, cynic or ironic, etc. There are many "styles" of arrogance, and many times an arrogant person is just defending themselves from other "arrogant attacks", in the same way "good people" may have to use violence against "bad people".

  5. Like Colin Cowherd once said, when you hear someone call another person arrogant, never look at the one getting CALLED arrogant, look at the one saying it. Most people are not arrogant, they are very confident.

  6. This is the difference between Delusional and Arrogance. A truly happy self confident person has a strong aversion to materials. Hence doesn't require everything the guy has behind him.

  7. i have been through social anxiety , i was hating all people , even my family , and after the fixation program i created to my mind i like all people around me , even aggressive people , i feel like they are going through a period of weakness just like the one i have been through , thank god who gave me the power to recover from all my psychological issues without even going to psychiatrist or taking one medication , i feel i am developing my self and my mind every single day

  8. Arrogance is mostly unjust and done out of knowledge it is wrong. Like Hitler opposed the notion and said the aryan race is superior. Isn't that arrogance? U see society has been constructed around arrogance in many areas, divide and conquer, race paradigms. If u want to demonise arrogance, u have to dig real deep. Most people are rooted in it

  9. Lastly, arrogance of course is displayed in relationships more so than initial impressions. A really arrogant person will treat u like dirt. These people compensate it with security in personal wealth or status. Either way, in society there is a force and counter force. Arrogance displayed, in turn will fire another class of people who will counter that arrogance with confidence. The full dynamics of human behaviour is multi dimensional and cyclical.

  10. U see, if no effort is placed on improving self esteem, or people taking it seriously, we see a lack of ownership mentality in society. Which is currently a problem of low self esteem. Just look around and look at how peolple dress. Their dressing shows their self reflection of how they want u to perceive them. Most people lack ownership and confidence. Over confidence is meant to compensate and it is a bold effort to recondition that pitiful comfort level.

  11. True and not true. Over confidence is pushy and is extravagant. Again this is dependent on the character type of the individual. If he's a type A, it's expected. If its type B, it's not expected. Why on earth would anyone want to remain mediocre? If you're comfortable where u are, u can also be comfortable in being a person of self pity and inferior mindedness. Arrogance is when u become mean and overstep others boundaries by demeaning their loved ones, spitting on them etc….