Fitness Tips: 10 Minute Flat Tummy | Barre Bootcamp

Fitness Tips: 10 Minute Flat Tummy | Barre Bootcamp

Awesome Tip: 10 Minute Flat Tummy | Barre Bootcamp

This is the perfect workout when you are short on time. This 10 minute barre workout will have your tummy feeling the burn! Let’s do it!

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20 Replies to “Fitness Tips: 10 Minute Flat Tummy | Barre Bootcamp”

  1. Another Abs workout that is awesome. I have problems with my lower Abs and (muffin top) obliques I have been working out steady can't seem to lose them fast enough.

  2. I liked this workout, and I definitely appreciate not having to do a lot of jumping, both for the sake of my knees and my downstairs neighbours. But I'm not sure what this workout has to do with "barre"? I didn't quite follow the connection to ballet or to the physical barre. It seems more like pilates to me.