Fitness Tips: 12 Healthy Habits That CHANGED My Life

Fitness Tips: 12 Healthy Habits That CHANGED My Life

Awesome Tip: 12 Healthy Habits That CHANGED My Life

I could think of 100 things that have helped me with my weight loss & healthy lifestyle, but these are the top 12 healthy habits that really changed my life & I know they’re going to make a big difference if you add them into your routines too! Follow my IG

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20 Replies to “Fitness Tips: 12 Healthy Habits That CHANGED My Life”

  1. This was fantastic! Having morninf and evening routine in the morning and an evening for me is so crucial! Thanks so much for talking about the app, I will be happy to check it out

  2. Getting pregnant scares the crap out of me. Getting off hormonal birth control sounds amazing but I REALLY can't afford to bring a baby into my life right now (not monetarily but mentally and emotionally). It seems like the chances of getting pregnant when off of birth control are higher. Thoughts?

  3. So I’m not big on “leftovers” are there any tips you can give me on meal prepping because I’ve tried and I just don’t think things taste as good reheated??!?

  4. I loved this! Getting into all these healthy habits can truly change everything in your life. I personally agree with getting off hormonal birth control. Having your body naturally do what it is supposed to is an amazing feeling!!! My mental health and physical well being is so much better since I made that change. When you mentioned that you’re an emotional person and hold onto feelings a lot; it for me wondering if you may have a genetic mutation called MTHFR. There’s a lot to it, but it could be why you hold onto stress and respond emotionally in situations. Thought it might help or peak your interest.

  5. Absolutely love all these 12 tips and No.1, 2, 3, 7, 8 ,10 & 12 all resonate with me! But each one is definitely something we can all relate too! Love that you shared these and you keep inspiring us every day Katie ❤

  6. SITTING. One of the things I find that heavily impacts my day is just to open the curtains grab a cup of the coffee or lemon water and just take a moment to sit and stare. Listen to the birds, watch the trees away. Just have 15 minutes of peace for yourself.

  7. I love tip #5! I haven’t worn shorts since I had my daughter, so about 5 years. I just bought a pair last week, and it was so freeing! I am feeling more confident even though I’m still working on my goals!

  8. I used to drink at least one glass of wine a night to calm my nerves and fall asleep. Finally I committed to breaking that habit— I replaced the wine with yogi kava tea and now I wake up feeling great every day, not to mention the amount of calories it saves me!