Fitness Tips: 5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight | Love Sweat Fitness

Fitness Tips: 5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight | Love Sweat Fitness

Awesome Tip: 5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight | Love Sweat Fitness

These TOP 5 tips to lose excess weight are a must! You don’t have to give up everything to shed some pounds. I live by each of these & they seriously work + you will be shocked at a few of them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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42 Replies to “Fitness Tips: 5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight | Love Sweat Fitness”

  1. I have hypothyroid and discovered your videos yesterday they have been very helpful. Really enjoyed this video. Thank you for your advice and sharing your journey.

  2. Thank you! For stating about carbs cause everyone is doing no carbs! And how do you maintain your goal weight when your ready to come off your diet

  3. I totally cut out soda and the water I love is Hint. I love it and there are no calories, nothing and flavors are great. Throw it in the fridge and drink cool or cold..Fresh Tyme , Meijer, some targets and Kroger's …I have turned on so many people to this water…

  4. Hello! I just want to say thank you for making this video. I am that type of girl who gets super insecure when I gain a little amount of weight. I tried to starve myself couple of times and just ended up binging. Iโ€™m going to try to use some of ur tips because I really want to not go on u healthy diets anymore and just try to stick with a healthy diet and loose my weight

  5. No more fad diets! Ok but how do you ensure you donโ€™t overdo portions, calories, etc.? That is how I got into trouble most recently by not tracking what Iโ€™m eating!

  6. Its so true about how hard it is to burn off what you eat. I always try to remind myself of that when I think oohh…the cookie is a mile and half run!

  7. According to the Internet I'm 50 lb overweight according to my BMI (although I have never had a doctor say anything about my weight) and one of my biggest pet peeves about "losing __lb pounds!" is the fact muscle weighs a lot more than fat. So if you're trying to lose weight and you're doing a diet and exercise then sizing your weight lose solely by how much you weight will sort of back fire.
    I feel like thats what discourages a lot of people from losing weight is when they work hard and gain weight back not knowing it's probably weight from their muscles.

  8. Thank you for this video! I love the light pink lipstick that you wear in most of your videos! I've been looking for a shade just like that! What shade is it, if you don't mind me asking?

  9. HI KATIE! Thank you for this wonderful video.. I think for me, the hardest tip to follow would be the balance meals or food. I don't really eat a lot everyday or make bad choices, but I'm not sure if I can set up my own food meal because my mom is usually the one who plans the meals every week and I feel bad if we have to spend extra for my own food… I really want to create my own meal plan, but at the moment-financially-i feel like it's impossible for me. What I do instead is to cut back the food I eat, especially with carbs and sweets ( I don't restrict myself because, it's really true about the craving and I also don't want to deprive myself)..

    I'm slowly getting back to my workouts, one week of planning at a time, and I plan to slowly add more discipline to my meals everyday. Like now, I try to eat like a half cup of rice only in the morning or when I have sweets I will have it at morning or lunch to avoid extra sugar at night. I feel like, in the long run, if I get used to it and my body – it will make big changes with my habit and diet too.

  10. Do you have any tips to watch my diet? Like you know how you said to not skip dessert but to keep it clean and at a healthy portion? Thing is I'm an all or nothing girl so whenever I endulge in something I ENDULGE, and whenever I don't endulge I just straight starve. This has been going on for 2 years and I'm so insecure about it but I honestly don't know how to stop it.

  11. I looked up this video for not me, but my friend. My friend,Sarah, starves herself to look better. She has blackouts and doesn't eat much. I sent this video to her to help her or maybe save her in some way. I would like it if people liked this so I could screenshot this to show Sarah how many people care for her. Thank you

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