Fitness Tips: 5 Minute Outer Thigh Workout

Fitness Tips: 5 Minute Outer Thigh Workout

Awesome Tip: 5 Minute Outer Thigh Workout

Bye bye saddle bags! I love having my barre classes do this series! They’re the absolute BEST moves to help slim down your outer thighs in only 5 minutes! (More below)

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19 Replies to “Fitness Tips: 5 Minute Outer Thigh Workout”

  1. I’ve been doing this workout everyday for about 3 weeks straight, previously on and off, and I definitely feel a difference in the side of my thighs!!

  2. Been doing this for about ten days now along with a no sugar whatsoever diet for almost two months now and I can say the tone up is real! Thanks for the help!

  3. It's ridiculously easy and it really works! Thank you so much! The only problem is that my back hurts afterwards, may you suggest me any final stretch exercise for this inconvenience?

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