Fitness Tips: 6 Ways I Reduced My CELLULITE | Tips, Food, Exercises & What Actually Works!

Fitness Tips: 6 Ways I Reduced My CELLULITE | Tips, Food, Exercises & What Actually Works!

Awesome Tip: 6 Ways I Reduced My CELLULITE | Tips, Food, Exercises & What Actually Works!

These are 6 easy things I do to reduce cellulite that actually work! My skin is less bumpy, smoother, and overall looks WAY better than it did 2 months ago so wanted to share a quick update so you guys can try them out too! ♥ Join the free challenge

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33 Replies to “Fitness Tips: 6 Ways I Reduced My CELLULITE | Tips, Food, Exercises & What Actually Works!”

  1. I just started getting back into exercise, and even though I’m slim I have cellulite on my inner thighs. I’ve noticed that lunges and kettlebell squats have helped to tighten/tone this area and the cellulite has lessened. I’ll add your tips to my routine also! 🙂

  2. Collagen's molecular structure falls apart at temps above body temperature and shouldn't be added to hot drinks. Will have no health benefit when added to your coffee.

  3. Ok. Reduce sugar intake should've been number 1. Sugar weakens connective tissue between muscle and skin, which results in cellulite being more visible. Collagen will help strengthen connective tissue, but everything else on this list is purely anecdotal. Also, water should've been on this list as the more hydrated the skin is, the less visible cellulite will be. The issue of cellulite comes down to one thing and one thing only; excess fat accumulation and damaged connective tissue. Otherwise, great video!

  4. I love all your tips and tricks but just be careful with putting coffee grounds down your drain because they can build up and clog it.

  5. Hi Katie! Would you be able to share your current workout schedule while training for a half marathon? I’m also currently training for a half marathon and feel like I don’t get in enough strength training outside of cardio. I’m doing two days a week of upper body strength training but no days focused on the legs/booty. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for sharing and posting photos that are real. I follow a lot of fitness girls on youtube and intast that say they have cellulite but their pics are flawless so thank you for being unfiltered and relatable.

  7. Isn’t collegan found in animal protein?
    Why take it if you eat animal protein?
    Isn’t powder collegan made from animal collegan?

  8. Love your videos and thanks for the great tips! I would like to add hydration. Getting adequate water in daily will help as well as limiting alcohol and/or sugary caffeinated beverages. My cellulite is the worse after vacation and I believe that is due to more drinking and probably not enough hydration to counter it. When the body is not properly hydrated, the cellulite is going to be worse. I have noticed similar results with a lot of my clients too.

  9. Where did you get that foam roller? I love the look of it and the different grooves compared to normal ones. Can you also provide the link to the dry brush?