Fitness Tips: HEALTHY Walmart Grocery Haul | Eating Healthy on a Budget!

Fitness Tips: HEALTHY Walmart Grocery Haul | Eating Healthy on a Budget!

Awesome Tip: HEALTHY Walmart Grocery Haul | Eating Healthy on a Budget!

I finally did it! I gave myself a Walmart grocery haul challenge to get all my normal, super healthy foods, at Walmart for under $100 and it was TOTALLY different than what I expected! Download the Hot Body Meal Plan & Grocery Guide I used in the vid –

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30 Replies to “Fitness Tips: HEALTHY Walmart Grocery Haul | Eating Healthy on a Budget!”

  1. I’m watching this right before I go to Walmart to pick up a few things!

    On my list is definitely the GTs watermelon booch and my new fave, mystic mango! Definitely a vibe.

  2. LOVED this video!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️So many of us are trying to eat healthy and making good chooses so thank you! Also, yes Aldi is literally like FREE food compared to whole food or whatnot!

  3. Yayyy finally I can relate!! I love heb Wish you guys had one. It's amazing! But Walmart can be my go to sometimes thank you!!!

  4. THIS VIDEO COULD NOT COME AT A MORE PERFECT TIME. moving to TN tomorrow for school and was lowkey freaking out about how I’m gonna do my grocery! here in NJ i got wegmans and trader joe’s but there, there’s only walmart and stores i’ve never heard of

  5. Do you have Botox or filler ? Just asking thx babe ❤️ I’m 37 and still never have any lol. Rare bird over here. Spf is key !!

  6. When you said your Walmart is far, I thought its about 1-2 hours away, 20 mins is pretty close. What I like to do is when I go grocery shopping once a week, I also go to every stop I need, in that area like Post office, the bank, target, FedEx, Dollar Store, Aldi, etc. Aldi is even cheaper, thats where I get most of my grocery shopping done (and they have a ton of organic products at a lower price) and the rest in Walmart.

  7. I know it takes longer for you to get to Walmart but you should try the grocery pickup. The time you save shopping and checking out is probably much more than the drive 🙂