Fitness Tips: How I Eat PIZZA, Drink Wine & Still Get Abs! + My BIGGEST Pet Peeve

Fitness Tips: How I Eat PIZZA, Drink Wine & Still Get Abs! + My BIGGEST Pet Peeve

Awesome Tip: How I Eat PIZZA, Drink Wine & Still Get Abs! + My BIGGEST Pet Peeve

My favorite “cheat” meal recipe & how I can eat it regularly + still lose weight & get abs. If you do it right, pizza, wine + dessert can be part of a healthy balanced diet, I’m going to prove it to you! Plus my BIGGEST pet peeve ever!! OMG, it literally makes me so mad! ♥ Join the Free 21 Days Abs Challenge at

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23 Replies to “Fitness Tips: How I Eat PIZZA, Drink Wine & Still Get Abs! + My BIGGEST Pet Peeve”

  1. you are stunning great content doesn't seem like you respond to comments though but thx for keeping me motivated in my training do you compete? overall fitness goals? hope you're enjoying your Summer!

  2. I'm a mom of two and I still never just leave my cart somewhere. I either park next to a cart spot or I run quickly to one after the kids are buckled. People are lazy.

  3. @lovesweatfitness you should go different grocery stores and find healthy dinners healthy breakfast healthy snacks in healthy desserts like ice cream. I have a big sweet tooth and I wanted to a icecream is healthy and I don't know too much gums they put in icecream like dairy free and gluten free ice cream. I like whole foods but like 30 mins away from me I would like to find grocery store close to me like Krogers or food lion or something

  4. Love the idea of doing your gutters black- however i work for a paint company, unless you have factory painted black garage doors it’s way too hot where you live and the black paint will blister or peel off. If it’s vinyl on your garage door the black cannot be painted as it will warp the vinyl. If you have a day with shade and less than 70 degrees outside of direct sun, you could do it. I’m on instagram as hrbshippie & LSFheatherrose if you have any other questions! 🙂

  5. The pizzas look so good! I’ll have to find a cauliflower crust without dairy in it that is still healthy. What was the imitation ricotta that you used? I love your “what I eat” type videos and love that you show us how to buy the ingredients and make the food.