Fitness Tips: I Swapped Lives with Jeanine Amapola!! | Workouts, Food & Makeup!

Fitness Tips: I Swapped Lives with Jeanine Amapola!! | Workouts, Food & Makeup!

Awesome Tip: I Swapped Lives with Jeanine Amapola!! | Workouts, Food & Makeup!

This was SO fun! Jeanine Amapola and I swapped lives for a morning. I’m trying her morning routine, what she eats in a day, workouts, make-up & more! ♥️Check out Jeanine’s vid doing MY routine – – Thumbs up if you like it & tell me who I should do another one of these with!

💕Used in the vid 💕
Laure Mercier Primer –
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Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer –
Benefit Galifornia Blush –

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22 Replies to “Fitness Tips: I Swapped Lives with Jeanine Amapola!! | Workouts, Food & Makeup!”

  1. I love this! And I love that you have tried adding in reading the Bible to your morning routine, I am trying to do this too but the struggle has been real lately.

  2. Hey Katie! I came from Jeanine's channel (love her!) but I just wanted to tell you that the pink jacket you're wearing is so cute! It inspired me so I had to find one and get it! Thank you 🙂

  3. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I wasn’t sure if you were a Christian, but I wondered because you have such a good heart and light inside you! Loved hearing you talk about your walk with God and the REALNESS of struggling to find the time sometimes

  4. Trying to figure out what brand that milk frother was in the video, that coffee looked delicious! I love that you all did this and had fun!!

  5. Afternoon Katie & Jeanine and loved the vlog; so I subscribed to Katie's world in addition to continuing your vlog Jeanine; breakfast routine was neat and gave me an idea to try the pancake routine as I love these rascals be it a.m.; p.m. or late at night; workout was good and the post workout was great as it shows both of you do look after your-selfs. Katie, the make up routine was excellent as you follow what Jeanine does…………..excellent results. Loved your comments about reading your Bible and it's amazing how life begins to change once you welcome God/Jesus into one's life. Katie, you state you are one hour away from Los Angeles; so, where do you live? In closing, impressed how you have changed your life for the better and if yoy have earlier vlogs I can watch to get to know/understand you without prying into your personal life, let me know cause believe it or not, both you and Jeanine offer insights into life I forgot. Thank you and hope to hear from you if/when you feel comfortable to interact. michael

  6. I think it's awesome that she challenged you to get back in touch with the Bible 🙂 I hope you don't get any negative comments because of it!

  7. hahah LOVED doing this with you!!! Not judging you for adding syrup to the pancake lol I forgot to tell you I use Agave 😉 & love that you read the Bible <333