Fitness Tips: I Tried Every Healthy Ice Cream // This Was INSANE!!

Fitness Tips: I Tried Every Healthy Ice Cream // This Was INSANE!!

Awesome Tip: I Tried Every Healthy Ice Cream // This Was INSANE!!

It was hard, but someone had to do it! I tried every healthy ice cream (12 of them!!) to find the BEST tasting option and OMG the results. Some were seriously gross and others SO SO delicious.

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25 Replies to “Fitness Tips: I Tried Every Healthy Ice Cream // This Was INSANE!!”

  1. This is so fun – what a great summer, quarantine treat! ;D Thanks for entertaining AND educating us! <3 Hmm, other foods…cereals!? breads? (can you tell I love carbs? haha) And lastly (Katie you'll love this ;), not usually my thing, but when at a party – wine/ alcohol beverages – thanks for asking! You guys are awesome 🙂

  2. So I want to compliment you on your YouTube videos I have watched a lot of different Fitness videos and this is what really stands out with yours first of all keep it classy you show a little bit of cleavage not massive amounts but enough to show that you're a woman and that you're in fantastic shape I would encourage you though to remember that the first meal of the day is not food it is the wonderful unconditional love of your husband and that Feast should be the first Feast of the day don't forget to spend an incredible amount of time with each other continue to fall in love more and more even though your success at YouTube is great and yeah it makes money but if you ever forget about the first Feast of the day the rest won't matter God bless you I hope that God continues to and still in you a wonderful hope and joy of life and each other

  3. Love this type of video!!! I think you should definitely make this a regular series! I would love to know the best "healthy" chip because there's soooo many – there's even some made from cauliflower!

  4. I used to looooove vanilla ice cream.But now that I don't do dairy, I have found flavored vegan ice creams are the only way to go. Vegan vanilla never tastes right. So Delicious Cold Brew is amazing!!

  5. I can't have dairy so I live by the So Delicious brand since I can get it most places. You guys got the no sugar added one and that is awful. You need the regular dairy free coconut milk. it's soooo much better.