Fitness Tips: *LSF Live Q&A* ASK ME ANYTHING!

Fitness Tips: *LSF Live Q&A* ASK ME ANYTHING!

Awesome Tip: *LSF Live Q&A* ASK ME ANYTHING!

Love Sweat Fitness live chat with me, Katie! Ask me anything you want; fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, total randomness! I can’t wait to chat with all of you 🙂

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5 Replies to “Fitness Tips: *LSF Live Q&A* ASK ME ANYTHING!”

  1. HI Katie, I love your attitude about working out and health fitness! I love you so much! You inspire me! I just have some problems. I'm a type one diabetic and take insulin. The insulin holds on to the calories that I take in longer than a nornal person has calrories held in their body. SO it's hard for me to loose weight. REALLY hard! As a teen, my blood sugars are a little crazy right now because of well.. my teen years. I raise the dose on my insulin to bring my blood sugars down but then that also means loosing weight is EVEN HARDER! :'( I try so many different diets and try to eat healthy as possible but I don't see much of a change. Like every day my weight is different. One day it's five pounds heavier or lighter that it was the previous day. (If that makes sense) I'm short and chubby and ya… my friend even said that to me but of course he added "but your cute!" well, it still didn't make me feel good… AT ALL! I don't want people looking at me and thing that I'm worthless and lazy and don't care about myself. Really, I want to be a better me and they don't see how I struggle with it. I think when people see diabetics they judge them right away. I was diagnosed when I was ten from a virus of some sort. Not because I ate too many sugary things but because I got sick and the virus effected my pancrius. Yes, some diabetics don't take care of themselves and got diabetes from eating junk food but that's not what happened to me. I want to prove to people that I'm not like those type of diabetics, I'm a great me, and I want to be a better me. Please, help me with any advice. Thanks for all that you do!

  2. hey Katie! i just love the community that you've created! and that you are all about clean eating which i am too! Just wanted to say thanks for everything you are doing to help people get motivated and stay healthy!

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