Fitness Tips: My REAL Healthy Spring Night Routine 2020 | DYI beauty hacks + easy recipe

Fitness Tips: My REAL Healthy Spring Night Routine 2020 | DYI beauty hacks + easy recipe

Awesome Tip: My REAL Healthy Spring Night Routine 2020 | DYI beauty hacks + easy recipe

This is such a different night routine than I’m used to! Showing you how I relax, my new favorite healthy appetizer recipe, DIY jewelry cleaning, skin care, how I’m staying healthy at home, and more! xo Follow me on IG ♥️

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24 Replies to “Fitness Tips: My REAL Healthy Spring Night Routine 2020 | DYI beauty hacks + easy recipe”

  1. If anyone wants pack vitamins that are better for the environment c/o's packaging is plant-based and therefore biodegradable!

  2. My favorite part of your routine is the hottub and just letting your hair dry naturally. I do the same with my hair. This is the perfect time to do that! I always make my bed each morning, so that when it is time to go to bed, it looks so welcoming. Love your videos!

  3. Oommmggggg i thought i was the only one who does the strengthening clear coat because i absolutely cannot do nails zo i always file and clear coat thats it

  4. Oh gosh my husband and I have been living in our Hot Tub but I only like getting in at night when its dark!! LOL Love this video 🙂 XO

  5. honest review:guys save your money ,the vanity planet products are not good.I have bought 2 products they don't work. They look and feel really cheap

  6. Pamper time is so essential during quarantine! Are you using the drunk elephant bundle they came out with? I have been so back and forth on purchasing it or not but your skin looks phenomenal!

  7. I am a licensed esthetician in PA. There is a brand (all natural, responsibly sourced, gentle) called ClarityRX. It's based out of CA. I'm not a huge fan of this brand for conditions like acne or hyperpigmentation, but for dry skin…wow! They have a mask called Daily Fruit. It's fantastic for dry skin. Try picking some up. You can get it at a Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa or they might have some retail at their headquarters. Use it after you do microderm or after a physical scrub. Thanks for all the great videos!