Fitness Tips: *TMI Confessions!!* Birth Control, Lady Parts, Hypothyroidism Update & Supplements

Fitness Tips: *TMI Confessions!!* Birth Control, Lady Parts, Hypothyroidism Update & Supplements

Awesome Tip: *TMI Confessions!!* Birth Control, Lady Parts, Hypothyroidism Update & Supplements

WARNING! So much TMI!! Updating you on all things periods, going off birth control, hypothyroidism symptoms and how I’m dealing with it all. Also getting into the healthy supplements I’ve been taking.

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♥ The Supplements
Calcium D- Clucarate (removes toxins from body)
Glutathione (powerful antioxidant good for acne and removes toxins)
DIM (removes estrogren dominance, fights cancer cells, regulates hormones)
Love Wellness #Mood Pills
Nutrafol (hair growth)
Vital Proteins Collagen peptides (hair, nail, skin help)

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20 Replies to “Fitness Tips: *TMI Confessions!!* Birth Control, Lady Parts, Hypothyroidism Update & Supplements”

  1. Great for you if you feel better without birth control! BUT, what you are doing is tracking your basal temperature, called the Ogino Knauss method. and we have a saying in Italy: we are all children of the Ogino Knauss. It may work for you and other people, but, just like coitus interruptus, is not a 100% safe option, like a condom. I know many women that used to use this in the 50s who had children while using this method. and not because they were trying to get pregnant. this is a good option if you are not trying to get pregnant but wouldn't mind if you did. So yeah, keep in mind that is not as sure and safe as you may think. But if it works for you and you feel better using this method, GOOD FOR YOU!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I’ve really been looking into stopping the pill (after 6 years) because I’ve been hearing about all of these side effects from the pill and they are so similar to symptoms I’ve been having for years now. Crazy!! So sad how many women think it’s the only option and know so little about their bodies – including myself! Thank you again!!

  3. I absolutely love this! I just recently stopped taking birth control about a month and a half ago and have been so scared about getting pregnant, BUT I honestly feel so amazing, happier, higher sex drive, so much more energy.

  4. yes love this video…I'm close to 40…but myself as well I didn't know about ovulation counting and all that until I was about thirty as well…. I don't remember anything about that in health class about teachers teaching us….I wonder who found that out and what yr. ….well maybe a Dr….but our bodies are so interesting. I too am on birth control and I have a thyroid issue…and I'm also learning about supplements to take. my friend came off her meds for being on thyroid pills…so I will see. thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I am also in my 30s and have hypothyroidism. But I also have been thinking of getting off birth control but too afraid! Please keep sharing your experiences and resources!!

  6. Thought I was the only one who wakes up early (3 or 4am) and takes vitamins/prescriptions and go back to sleep just to get it out of the way! Port and Polish also makes cute and discreet pill cases, I have a pink one and it’s so chic.

  7. Check out the app Kindara the thermometer automatically syncs with the app.

    Also when I went off bcp I got bad ovarian cysts but then it went away and I was much better. Sex drive and energy definitely go up and you’re not as “crazy” or “moody”. Still have pms and cranky the week before AF but it’s not horrible. Been off bcp for years and no “oops”.

  8. Thank you!!! I just recently started thinking of going off my birth control to see if it helps with my depression and anxiety and maybe actually let me lose weight because I haven’t been able to no matter what I do. I have PCOS so my gyno wants me on birth control to help control it but I’m really thinking of getting off birth control and trying a certain medication just to control my PCOS. You posted this at the perfect time. Thank you♥️♥️

  9. Hey Katie ! Two question .. first one I know you’ve probably mentioned this already but I’m just really lost with finding ways to incorporate calcium in my diet suggestions please !? And also what kind of coffee do you use ? Both regular and decafe !? Please and thank you 🙂 love you ❤️

  10. So fertility charting is something I started after having my first miscarriage, and after my second miscarriage my low temps helped to diagnosed my hypothyroidism! I am a huge advocate for charting. ♥️

  11. Your story has so many similarities to mine. I started birth control because my cramps were so bad i had to stay home from work or school and would literally cry in pain. My periods were also extremely heavy. However, I knew nothing about birth control, and at this time had no idea what artificial hormones could do to my body. My doctor put me on some sort of generic estradiol pill. Before I started the pill I had lost 60 lbs (210 to 150) through cardio and calorie restricting. Two months after starting the pill I started to notice I was getting puffy. I was also experiencing dizzy spells and panic attacks. I thought it was just a part of the adjustment period. 5 months on the pill, I came back from an school trip and realized that I had gained back 20 lbs in just one month. I was terrified. Nothing had changed in my diet or exercise routine. I immediately quit the pill cold Turkey and ohhh boy was I in for a ride. For the next year and a half of my life I had non stop brain fog, panic attacks, and weight gain. I could no longer function and felt like I was dying. After a year of being told i should take anxiety pills, I finally persuaded my doctor to test my tsh again (my sister has Hashimoto's) and my tsh had gone from my regular 1.2 to 3.9. I also tested positive for hashimotos antibodies. I am unsure if I was sensitive to birth control because I was already predisposed to thyroid issues or if the birth control triggered an autoimmune disease. I will probably never know, but I am still dealing with the repercussions. My cortisol and progesterone levels are still and mess, but I am getting better and better every month. I am dealing with PMS and mood swings around the start of my period and the luteal phase. I also now have horrible ovulation pain. What has been working for me is taking a supplememt that helps the production of progesterone called Chasteberry or vitex. I am still working on finding the right dose of levothyroxine. Also, a clean diet and weight training have been so important for my mood and to increase my metabolism. Being on thyroid medication has really helped my anxiety. I wish younger women could be better educated on the dangers of artificial hormones so they can make the best decision for their health instead of just "trying out different pills." In my case, I think i was genetically already an estrogen dominant individual, so taking estradiol threw everything off of balance. I am so thankful I have a doctor that listens to me. However, she says there is not much she can do for me and suggests a holistic medicine practitioner. Sadly, my insurance does not cover that type of care. I wish you the best of luck on your journey off of birth control. Thank you so much for posting about your journey with hypothyroidism, it encourages me to keep trying and to not feel so alone in fighting for a healthier life. <3

  12. The pill masks so much of what is going on in our bodies. It can be hard when we use it as a crutch for so many years but its so worth truly knowing your true body and how it functions! I have hypo too and went off the pill. Very little side effects. I took DIM, Vitex and Maca 🙂