Fitness Tips: TMI – I Went off Birth Control! // Body Update + What I'm Using Now

Fitness Tips: TMI – I Went off Birth Control! // Body Update + What I'm Using Now

Awesome Tip: TMI – I Went off Birth Control! // Body Update + What I'm Using Now

It’s been 6 months since I went off the pill and I’m sharing all the deets on how I’ve felt and everything I’m using now to deal with PMS symptoms, track my periods, and not get prego. This has been such a MAJOR change in my life…

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40 Replies to “Fitness Tips: TMI – I Went off Birth Control! // Body Update + What I'm Using Now”

  1. I appreciate you giving the TMI it really helps to know Im not the only one dealing with girl stuff no one wants to talk about. Also commenting for the give away cause I am looking for new deodorant to try and lip gloss always is a must thanks Katie

  2. Your videos about coming off of BC inspired me to come off after 6 years. I’ve been off for a little over a month now and the change is CRAZY! So much energy and sex drive. I feel like a new woman and have the motivation for life that I once desired to have. Also, I’ve noticed subtle changes in random things about my body, but positive changes!

  3. I've been thinking about trying the cup the past couple months. Thanks for your review on it. I really think I will try it.
    Do you know if it affects your cramping at all?
    IG: nechamahagbi

  4. I love the whole tracking idea for your period and when not to “make a baby” lol I used tracking with the temp to try and have my babies and it works both ways!! Such good info! Ig: ambant0914

  5. So much wonderful information shared. Thank you so much I have a few things I will be checking out now!
    Ig: Hooper.and.megan

  6. I have the Nexplanon birth control implant. I got it after my son was born and it's been crazy, I had a "period" for over a month and than no periods all through breastfeeding. I stopped breast feeding and now my periods are here, but crazy. I like the videos you have been doing lately, just very relatable.
    Instagram: eatpraylovemove

  7. It's always nice to get an honest open opinion from someone about things that no one wants to talk about! I've been interested in the menstrual cup track but I wasn't sure it was for me either. Maybe I will give it a try now!

    IG @krdossett

  8. good job Katie! I went off hormonal birth control in 2008, and I've been using fertility awareness ever since. It was great that I knew my body when I was ready to have children. I didn't realize the harmful effects of hormonal birth control for so long.

  9. I had the same feeling about menstrual cups but I tried one out 3 years ago and haven’t turned back! So easy and makes so much more sense for your body and the environment! @courtney_thompson915

  10. I have been debating trying the menstrual cup for about a year now…definitely keep up with an update. Might need to just buck up and give it a try. Instagram: sissy96_lsf

  11. I’ve been on the fence about trying the menstrual cups so winning one would be that final push I need! Also love love LSF and your vids. I’ve been on and off with the pill (Lutera) and figuring out my thyroid levels for like the last two years. Yay for hormones haha!

  12. You're amazing!!! I've been doing your workouts and I lost about 10 pounds in 3 months!!! I've never been on it because it was really scary to me… you help a lot of people with your videos!! Keep influencing us!!
    IG: marinanterou

  13. I've been off bc for about 6 months too! I honestly feel much better not having to take it – especially when already having to take my levothyroxine, so it doesn't feel like I'm taking so many hormones. My IG is knight_cb 🙂