Health Tips: 2 Healthy & Easy Dessert Recipes | Gluten & Dairy Free

Health Tips: 2 Healthy & Easy Dessert Recipes | Gluten & Dairy Free

Awesome Tip: 2 Healthy & Easy Dessert Recipes | Gluten & Dairy Free

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Hope you guys enjoy these 2 gluten & dairy free dessert recipes/ideas. If you’d like me to do more recipe videos comment below & don’t forget to thumbs up this video!

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21 Replies to “Health Tips: 2 Healthy & Easy Dessert Recipes | Gluten & Dairy Free”

  1. If you marinate the rice for a few hours it will be delish!! Coconut aminos/peanut oil or seame oil with a bit of siracha and put in fridge you can make an "Asian fried rice" and add any protein.YUM

  2. If you struggle with bloating watch out on the miracle rice!! Also ignore prep on the package and check YouTube on how to make it right.

    Back to bloat – that stuff gives me painful bloating and cramps so have some ACV or pepto on hand for after lol. It’s pure fiber so many people don’t tolerate it well. I do like the taste but it just leaves me feeling not so hot.

  3. Omg i just made the first recipe and holy guacamole its so good never thought it would taste like actual pudding in a way lol !! Thank you maryana please always keep making your recipe videos , they inspire me to eat healthy everyday.

  4. I’ve tried 2 different avo brownie recipes. Both were terrible in my opinion – and I like to think of myself as a pretty good baker. They were just ehhh. This past weekend I tried a banana brownie recipe and that was bomb.