Health Tips: Bodybuilding HULK – mr."Muscle Machine"

Health Tips: Bodybuilding HULK – mr."Muscle Machine"

Awesome Tip: Bodybuilding HULK – mr."Muscle Machine"

Michael Lockett (@ifbbpromichaellockett) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. He grew up practicing boxing with his older brother, but when his brother enlisted in the U.S. Army, Michael gave up on the sport. Instead, he took on weight training, and soon enough, he became ‘captivated’ by it.
Several months after training, Michael took part in his first bodybuilding contest – the NPC Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Classic. He won the show that day.
Michael’s successful debut was followed by two back-to-back victories, including the overall 1st place title at the NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding Championships, which earned him the esteemed Pro Card.

Michael Lockett

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