Health Tips: Bodybuilding Motivation "Godzilla Legs" Kwame Duah

Health Tips: Bodybuilding Motivation "Godzilla Legs" Kwame Duah

Awesome Tip: Bodybuilding Motivation "Godzilla Legs" Kwame Duah

Kwame (25 yo) is a multiple State, National, International and World champion bodybuilder. In September 2014 he became the youngest natural bodybuilder to achieve professional status with Muscle Mania. He has been featured in National & International magazines such as Australian Natural Bodz and Muscle Mag.
Kwame began competing in bodybuilding competitions in 2011 as a teenager competitor that crossed competed across the open division. Kwame ’s passion for bodybuilding was increased as he endured through the lifestyle. He has completed a degree in Nutrition and Food Science which has allowed him to combine theory and practice to maintain his lean physique all year round.
For Kwame, bodybuilding is a lifestyle; inspiring people, healthy living, keeping physically and mentally fit. A quiet character that comes to life on stage to bring a larger than life persona, clients say “he is very approachable, likes to have a laugh but at the same time keeps on check that they are working hard, thus makes the process enjoyable”


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