Health Tips: Gluten & Dairy Free MUST HAVES

Health Tips: Gluten & Dairy Free MUST HAVES

Awesome Tip: Gluten & Dairy Free MUST HAVES

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Heres some of my gluten and dairy items that I can’t live without, leave your favs in the comments!

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13 Replies to “Health Tips: Gluten & Dairy Free MUST HAVES”

  1. I absolutely love your videos! You’ve been a big inspiration for me to make healthy changes this year:)
    One word of caution coming from a chemistry student: don’t be afraid of ingredients just because you can’t pronounce them. Some are bad, but some are just the “chemical” names for certain vitamins, or the names chemists use because they don’t have a “common” name. Give them a quick google search and find out what they are and what they do:)

  2. I would love to see how you eat the sardines! I’ve heard they’re a superfood and I want to incorporate them into my diet, but I’m not sure how to eat them. Thanks, love your videos 🙂

  3. You have to take a much higher dose of vitamin D3 in the months of December to February because you have nothing of vitamin D from the sun in these months. That is also the reason why people become very ill, especially at the end of January and February.

  4. I’m definitely getting this how dose it work ? How many times can you order do you still have to pay for the shipping ? Etc. I want more information before I join.

  5. What are your body measurements currently? You’ve been looking super slim lately and I’ve been losing some weight and trying to think on a realistic goal for waist size and what not