Health Tips: GROW YOUR GLUTES WORKOUT | Full Leg Day

Health Tips: GROW YOUR GLUTES WORKOUT | Full Leg Day

Awesome Tip: GROW YOUR GLUTES WORKOUT | Full Leg Day

Complete Glute Workout:
-Hip Thrusts 4×12
SS with Banded Abductors 4×12
-Walking Lunges 4×20
SS with Stiff Leg Deadlifts 4×12
-Push Downs 4×10
SS with abductor machine 4×12
-Tri set:
Banded squats 4×20
Frog pumps 4×12
Banded In & Out jumps 4×12

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23 Replies to “Health Tips: GROW YOUR GLUTES WORKOUT | Full Leg Day”

  1. In a grocery haul months ago you commented on how brownie batter hummus was disgusting. You should try it especially since you have a sweet tooth! its amazing with berries and pretzels trust me 🙂 and good for you!

  2. I was getting so annoyed when that girl wouldn’t let you finish!! It’s like she was doing it on purpose ughh hahaha

  3. Great workout, can’t wait to try this!! For the glute push downs, does it matter which pad you place your foot on? For ex, when you’re pushing down with your right leg, can you have it placed more on the left side of the cushion (closer to your left leg) rather than the middle or right side of the cushion?

  4. You seem like you are just seriously the sweetest most genuine person ! I love your channel, you're real, chill and very helpful ! Xoxo