Health Tips: Hannibal for King Workout Motivation

Health Tips: Hannibal for King Workout Motivation

Awesome Tip: Hannibal for King Workout Motivation

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♚ Real name: Hannibal Tyron Lanham (To the rest of the world, they know me as Hannibal For King).
♚ Born: 4 February 1978 (Jamaica/Queens, NY).
♚ Training Calisthenics for 20 years now.
♚ Mission: I am here to inspire & share my information so that I could help more people.
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34 Replies to “Health Tips: Hannibal for King Workout Motivation”

  1. I like his form even more now and thats my goal skinny look but under those clothes its all muscular and shredded and u can gain strength without on putting muscle pass and look buff,, and after all this time hes still the master respect HFK

  2. He lost strength in his front lever most definitely but it's all good the man inspired so many and was a big part of the calisthenic movement so either way I give respect to this man been doing this for a while

  3. Hannibal has been at it for a long time I wonder if he gets any tendinitis or joint pain from repetitive motion. He may do other things than calisthenics I know in an old old interview he didn't tho