Health Tips: Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Whole Foods Favorites

Health Tips: Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Whole Foods Favorites

Awesome Tip: Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Whole Foods Favorites

Hope you guys enjoy this Whole Foods healthy grocery haul! I went over some of my favorite snacks/food items. Most of these foods are staples in my diet and are a good example of what I eat on weekly bases. If you have any other video ideas please comment below!

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39 Replies to “Health Tips: Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Whole Foods Favorites”

  1. YES A WAL MART VERSION PLEASE!! We don't have a trader joes or whole foods where i live and it literally sucks watching people grocery haul when they only shop there 🙁

  2. It’s more expensive just because a lot of it was based around convinced like precut vegetables and packaged snacks. For viewers that are concerned You could spend less depending if you get full items or different brands. I personally like the convinced so I will spend more depending on what I need.

  3. You should do a Target version too! Especially if you have the Target/Cartwheel app- it can save you a lot of money. I actually really enjoy the grocery section at Target! (also 10 cent bananas- can’t beat that)

  4. When I first tasted Kombucha I disliked it but I wanted to like so badly. So I put like a small cap full in a cup with ice and pomegranate juice or cranberry juice. You should try it and see how you like it!

  5. Please stop feeding your cats dry food! It dehydrates them from the inside out, even if they drink a lot of water. This is why so many cats develop kidney disease. Cats should ONLY be fed canned or raw food. Even one can of wet food per week can decrease the chance of them getting kidney disease by 70%!

  6. Hi, i was just wondering, what do you use all those egg yolks for, since you only eat the white part? Do you think its better to eat just the whites or the whole thing for someone who wants to lose fat and build muscle?

  7. I loved this!!! I never shop at whole foods either(WAY TOO PRICEY) but i get all all those foods you have!!! Doing a nice little bowl with steamed broccoli, cauliflower rice, and salmon w/avocado is my FAVORITE right now. Kiiiiind of obsessed.

  8. Have you already done a time management type of video? I'd love to see how you manage your time to included youtubing and working out, plus all the other life stuff. cheers!

  9. You can easily make your own chickpea snacks by buying just chickpeas, soaking them, then baking them. I do it all the time and its so much cheaper than the packaged baked chickpeas

  10. You should do a Ralph’s one too. Even though they don’t have Ralph’s everywhere, they have different Kroger stores almost everywhere 🙂