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34 Replies to “Health Tips: “HOW DO YOU EAT THAT MUCH?” + ABS WORKOUT”

  1. I am a regular watcher but recently I’ve been binge watching all your videos over again. I love every single video you make and your great 🙂 keep it up!

  2. excellent video… my calories are really low and I want to eat more without gaining a tonne of fat in order to gain muscle.. I lost a tonne of weight but now I'm stuck at eating such low calories approx 1200-1400, any more and I gain weight and it's so frustrating. I train very hard but think my metabolism is screwed, plz do a video xxxxxx

  3. Love having a non-competitor who is super committed to her health and fitness to follow! Keep doing this! It is so important to have people like you to follow who are living a lifestyle that many of us can reasonably live also. No one can live life as a competitor. Not even competitors! I think it is also wonderful to see your motivations to keep to your goals because getting competition ready does not have the be the only motivation or goal that someone looking for a healthy active lifestyle can have! <3 Love your channel!

  4. Love love love your videos! You're so humble, and I love that you eat big healthy meals it motivates other people to not be afraid of food <3 train hard, eat harder !

  5. i think people find it looks like you eat so much because you eat large meals but less frequently, whereas a lot of people will eat more meals throughout the day so the meals look smaller or like its less food cause you dont see it all together

  6. Could not agree more with you that food is fuel. It breaks my heart when people think that in order to lose weight you have to eat below 1.5k cals. Everyone is different and you can never compare an average diet to a bikini competitor diet.

  7. You guys should just buy a filter, in my home i have 3 that i have accumulated over the years. I have one large pür filter that only cost maybe 50$, one smaller pür filter that goes in my fridge which again cost about 50$, and my fridge has filter ! Filters are much more environmentally sustainable then water bottles :c, and are much more healthier in the long run. You can also get a filter that goes directly on your sink spout ! Just a suggestion c:

  8. I loved the ab workout. Also, I wanted to mention that perhaps people think you eat "too much" because they forget that when you eat macro-friendly meals, theres alot more food you can add to your meals and still have them fit into your macros, versus eating a smaller meal that is higher in macros, like processed foods. Anywhooo lol, you look wonderful and I really love your haircut

  9. Let me start by saying that was very well stated. Also was a very important point to clarify regarding normal everyday maintenance eating. Cutting and/or bulking/growing nutrition aka dieting vs caloric surplus or reverse dieting are too often mistaken for normal eating on social media instead of the short term goal oriented phase that they are intended to be. Glad more people are clarifying this. I'm not currently on any surplus or restrictions and that restaurant scene still awoke my cravings like mad. It was literally food porn. That humus and pita! The schwarma! The kebob! The saffron rice!! I love all foods but agree with you 100%. Mediterranean is hands down the absolute best!! Gonna go raid the kitchen for some humus and fruits now. ✌

  10. I just don't understand why people care and compare how much other people eat so much?! We are all different and have different needs. And I agree, most of those diets are not healthy and think people are starting to think that's how females should eat! Ahh

  11. Amen to that, when I see the tiny foods all over instagram I cant help but wonder if i'm the only one who eats big meals now a days. Luckily you seems to eat some good sized meals so i know im not the only one and it's quite refreshing to see (:

  12. such a good reminder. I find myself often comparing my caloric intake to people i follow on Youtube but after hearing this, i realized i need to stop. Thank you 🙂

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