Health Tips: Legendary WORKOUT Monster – KING of Calisthenics HANNIBAL

Health Tips: Legendary WORKOUT Monster – KING of Calisthenics HANNIBAL

Awesome Tip: Legendary WORKOUT Monster – KING of Calisthenics HANNIBAL

Hannibal Tyron Lanham aka HANNIBAL For KING – Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York, Hannibal Lanham aka “Hannibal For King” is known for his impressive calisthenics abilities and the physique he sculpted over many years of hard work.

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Hannibal For King:

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He started gaining recognition in 2008, after uploading a video of himself doing seemingly impossible movements on a bar.
Since the release of the video, Hannibal has become popular among calisthenics enthusiasts, inspiring people everywhere to start practicing street workouts and reshape their bodies.

Hannibal didn’t have it easy growing up – his father was sentenced to prison for an unknown reason, as Hannibal remembers; “Maybe bank robbery, murder, I never really knew.”

Lanham only had his grandmother to raise him, and, according to Hannibal, did everything she could to save him from his father’s fate. Eventually, her attempts to save him from criminal behavior proved futile, as Hannibal soon started to deal drugs and work as a bicycle mechanic due to poverty.

During that time, Hannibal found exercising as a great way to “escape the outer world” and to release all the stress and negativity. He started off by doing basic movements such as push ups, pull ups, and sit ups, but eventually developed a passion for exercising and started to find new, creative ways to exercise, mainly doing street workouts.

Lanham was also a part of a street workout team who called themselves the “Bartendaz”, and they would often train together and perform various calisthenics movements in front of crowds.

♚ Real name: Hannibal Tyron Lanham (To the rest of the world, they know me as Hannibal For King).
♚ Born: 4 February 1978 (Jamaica/Queens, NY).
♚ Training Calisthenics for 20 years now.
♚ Weight: 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg)
♚ Height: 5’8″ (172.5cm)
♚ Nationality: American
♚ Profession: Calisthenics Athlete
♚ Mission: I am here to inspire & share my information so that I could help more people.

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  3. Dear blogger, hello,I am a body-weight fitness fan from China, I was greatly inspired by your videos. I would like to put your videos on my platform, so more Chinese fans can also see your great videos. And I will mark your information behind the video, is that OK? Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hannibal is a legend, first saw a video of him way back in 2010. Great to see he is still active doing the workouts. The first person I ever saw do a horizontal pole stand is Hannibal the man is beyond an amazing talent.

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