Health Tips: MILITARY Training – STRONG SOLDIER in Real Life (Diamond Ott)

Health Tips: MILITARY Training – STRONG SOLDIER in Real Life (Diamond Ott)

Awesome Tip: MILITARY Training – STRONG SOLDIER in Real Life (Diamond Ott)

Diamond Ott (June 27, 1981) He’s known as the strongest soldier in the world. Reveals his amazing strength, speed and incredible balance. Diamond Ott – American Certified Extreme Fitness Trainer. Veteran USArmy.
Diamond Ott social media star who is famous for his diamondcut_fitness Instagram account and its content. He has gained popularity there for his workout tutorials, tips, and fitness lifestyle photos.
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36 Replies to “Health Tips: MILITARY Training – STRONG SOLDIER in Real Life (Diamond Ott)”

  1. I think these guys are the special arm team members and are used in special military actions and combat. Must also learn and practice weapon. Special force and can destroy the enemy in a moment whenever require. A big salute to his dedication and love to protect his country.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing workout, and this amazing man. We are all physically primates of course, but some of us are gorillas, and some of us are spider monkeys, IE yours truly. There is nothing more motivating than trying to emulate my military brothers who make me feel so very very small. There is no greater calling than to become a soldier in the United Staes Army, or other service. "Sometimes showing compassion for the good requires the culling of the bad." We love you all, envy you all, and hope you lead a really boring career in one piece. "No son of bitch ever won a war by dying for his country." "You make the other poor dumb bastard die for his country" Quote General George S. Patton.

  3. Amazing. Btw, the gym should kick out people that text in a gym. Really, you just can't leave it in the locker. Losers that bring a ph to the gym.