Health Tips: MUSCLE MONSTER – mr.BIG Legs (Nicolas Vullioud)

Health Tips: MUSCLE MONSTER – mr.BIG Legs (Nicolas Vullioud)

Awesome Tip: MUSCLE MONSTER – mr.BIG Legs (Nicolas Vullioud)

Nicolas Vullioud is a Swiss IFBB professional bodybuilder and training coach. He grew up taking a keen interest in sports, more so soccer than anything else. Throughout the years, Nicolas greatly improved his soccer skills, and was on his way to becoming a professional player. But then, one day, a serious injury struck him; bringing his soccer career to a grinding halt.

Devastated by the event, Nicolas started searching for an outlet for his frustration. In the process, he discovered bodybuilding, and quickly became ‘enthralled’ by it. From there, Nicolas began his career in bodybuilding. Which he developed over the years to become a professional athlete and certified personal trainer.

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