Health Tips: MY TOP 5 JEAN RECOMMENDATIONS | Try On & Review

Health Tips: MY TOP 5 JEAN RECOMMENDATIONS | Try On & Review

Awesome Tip: MY TOP 5 JEAN RECOMMENDATIONS | Try On & Review

Here are my top 5 favorite jean recommendations for small waist/big thighs! I’ve tried my best to link them all below! Thank you so much for watching 🙂

Whitefox Making moves: currently out of stock
Topshop Jamie Jeans:
Hollister Mom Jeans:
Urban Girlfriend High Rise Jeans:


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32 Replies to “Health Tips: MY TOP 5 JEAN RECOMMENDATIONS | Try On & Review”

  1. I’ve been trying to find jeans around me that fit my tiny waist and bigger thighs (I’m actually quite small but my waist is ridiculously small) and I could never find any! I think I’ll actually try holister and urban today 😀 Never would have thought of holister!!

  2. Loved this video! Some ideas for videos… tryons/look books, q&as, life talks, stretching/warmup routine. Also will you ever bring munchy monday merch back? I wanted to get the long sea green top but the site didn't have it 🙁 Thanks, love you girl <3

  3. What are your measurements and height? Be have similar body types and i would be nice to know so i can compare for reference. ☺️

  4. *American eagle jeans are also great. I started out size 12 now size 6 and their jeans always fit my waist/thigh ratio and the price is pretty good. Plus love that they have short/regular/tall options for length.

  5. The Urban Outfitters jeans that you attached look different from the ones you’re wearing, I wanted to get the ones you’re wearing in this video 🙁

  6. I have the opposite problem, bigger waist (not 'big', but proportionally it is- 28.5/29 inches) and smaller thighs (23 inches) but I'm still watchin lol!

  7. God bless you for this video. When you posted on Instagram about the holister jeans, I bought them immediately and they fit like a glove. It has been impossible to find this shape of jeans.

  8. I love your videos, you are such an inspiration!

    I also started to make videos, I appreciate every support❤️