Health Tips: People Punching BOXING MACHINE (0-999!!)

Health Tips: People Punching BOXING MACHINE (0-999!!)

Awesome Tip: People Punching BOXING MACHINE (0-999!!)

Have you ever wondered who the hardest hitting fighter is? Do boxers have a more powerful punch? i was so mad that i could not get the high score but i hope you guys like this video its all about having fun sometime . so i hope you guys are happy and this made you laugh.

The sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal sport of boxing has evolved significantly since its seminal days of disorganized violence, yet so much remains the same. Ultimately it is still a toe-to-toe, foe versus foe, stand-up, knockdown one ring circus! The popularity of the sport has waxed and waned. According to many, the sport is dying and on the way out, supplanted by MMA and other sports. And while there are certainly issues and struggles in the sport, boxing, in reality, still draws enormous viewership and is just as beloved as ever. While this article is just a taste of the extensive history of the sport, there’s still much to come and we expect boxing to continue to be written about 100 years from now.


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41 Replies to “Health Tips: People Punching BOXING MACHINE (0-999!!)”

  1. Boxing is alive and in good health: Mayweather Jr.'s still recent paydays and brand new young brilliant prospect boxers are there prove it.
    The punching machine is just for fun, while boxing is not JUST for fun: that's the slight difference…

  2. How consistent is the calibration from machine to machine? I broke the record with five punches in a row topping around 960 in Bangkok, and I'm a tiny 171cm 58kg dude.

  3. These things aren't even realistic if trying to be honest. Hit a 150lb punching bag. See how that moves and compare.

    On a side note, the machine "Ivan Drago" tested his strength on in the movie Rocky IV, is actually more realistic in psi terms. It has measured resistance behind it waiting and "feels" the follow through.

  4. I'm 14 year old boy and i punch 850 on avarege and my best: 886. how can ppl be that weak and still be satisfied? if i punch lower than 800 i go home and do 100 push ups, 50 air punches with weiths in my hand and then run a mile (i only run to get "restarted")

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