Health Tips: The Most Famous Turkish Chef | WORKOUT Salt Bae

Health Tips: The Most Famous Turkish Chef | WORKOUT Salt Bae

Awesome Tip: The Most Famous Turkish Chef | WORKOUT Salt Bae

Who is Salt Bae? – The man behind the meme is a Turkish chef and restaurant owner called Nusret Gökçe. His strangely sensual meat videos soon evolved into a series of viral memes, with viewers taking particular delight in the way Nusret sprinkled a handful of salt crystals at the end of the clip.
There is now a whole Twitter page dedicated to #saltbae memes – which has more than 6,000 followers.
While Nusret’s own Instagram page has attracted 9 million fans, and his meme has cropped up in Melbourne graffiti and even a t-shirts worn by Rihanna and Ben Affleck.
And even Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of the web’s much-loved Salt Bae.
The Nusr-Et Steakhouse opened its doors in 2010.The restaurant quickly became the sector’s leader with its top quality steaks.


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What does Salt Bae mean?
The word ‘bae’ is colloquially used as a shortened version of the word ‘babe’ or ‘baby’.
However, despite Nusret’s loving tendency towards his meat, the word ‘bae’ is actually an acronym.
Salt Bae can be translated to ‘salt before anyone else’.

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